Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toyad Present MRP Grant

MUKAH: Eighty-one organizations under the Mukah Parliamentary Area received the Minor Rural Project (MRP) grants on Monday.
The recipients were comprised of Village Development and Security Committees of villagers and longhouses in the area, Parent-Teacher Associations of various schools, Larian Amal 1Malaysia PDK Mukah, WARISMU Mukah, SK Tellian Ex-Pupil Association, Balingian RANDO Club, Mukah Information Sports & Recreation club, Masjid Setia Raja Committee, Dalat District PEMADAM and Melanau Association of Mukah.
Mukah Member of Parliament, Dato Sri Dr. Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad officiated at the presentation ceremony held at the conference room of Menara Pehin Setia Raja, here.

In his brief speech at the event, Dr. Toyad, urged the people of Mukah to participate in a beneficial economic activity to improve their income from time to time.
“You should make full use of the development that is taking place in your area by participating in whatever legal economic activities that could assist in improving the income of the family. Don’t just be the bystanders or onlookers of the development around you,” he said.
The MP also advised the parent to prioritize the education of their children as above all things in life as it would determine their future including their families.
Touching on the MRP grant, he hoped the recipient would make full use of the grant for the benefit of the organizations represented and the peoples in the area, in general.
Among those present at the function were Mukah Resident, Haji Saudi Haji Narani, Mukah District Officer, Mohamad Nawawi and Dalat District Officer, Yussibnosh Balo

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