Thursday, November 11, 2010

DAP good at misleading people

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 14:58
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KUCHING: Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh (pic) said that the DAP campaigners, especially those from Peninsular Malaysia, were very cunning at misleading the people and misinterpreting the good intentions of the BN government’s policies.

This was what they exactly did during the campaigning for the Sibu by-election in May this year, he said, adding that it was all nonsense that the win was attributed to the DAP’s well-executed campaign strategies and publicity materials used, as boasted by its Bukit Assek assemblyman.

Wong, who is Second Minister of Finance and Mini s ter of Environment and Public Health, said that the people of Sibu, for the first time, were bombarded by DAP’s brand of politics of ‘anger and hatred; which caught the Barisan Nasional off-guard and totally unprepared for the sort of Opposition good at misleading people political battle.

“The opposition capitalised extensively on the ‘hot’ issues of that time; the word ‘Allah’ and the alleged ‘burning of Bibles’.

Besides, the DAP was also highly successful in perpetuating racial politics. They would say different things to different racial group and presented itself as a distinctively Chinese movement, dedicated to fighting for the Chinese rights and opportunities.” He also pointed out that the PKR tried all out to instigate the Iban community by harping on the Native Customary Rights (NCR) land issues. PAS, on the other hand, tried to split the Malay voters by alleging uneven distribution of the state resources. They also hammered away with issues like the Teoh Beng Hock’s death, Anwar ‘framed’ sodomy case, and BN leaders amassing wealth.

Wong added that the propaganda machinery employed by DAP during the state election campaigns since 2006 and the Sibu Parliamentary By-Election, which churned out many baseless allegations and lies, had been deployed and was now being demonstrated in the august house.

“They have turned this august house into a political platform and a market-place,” he said.

He also said that even after the introduction of the Privilege and Powers Bill 2007, the decorum in the house had not improved, so much so that a ministerial motion on compliance with Standing Orders had to be introduced in the November 2008 sitting.

“The opposi t ion member s deliberately chose to disregard the Standing Orders to impute improper motives on the government, hoping to inflict maximum damage on the government in order to promote their political agenda.

“All honourable members must appreciate that this is a legislature vested with constitutional duties including the passage of legislations, sanctioning expenditures from the State Consolidated Funds and endorsing policy direction of the Executive.

“We must know that whatever we do and whatever we say in this house will have a profound effect on the destiny of our state, otherwise the confidence of the people, particularly the foreign investors, will be eroded” he said.

He further said that in a parliamentary democracy, the minority was expected to play constructive role in the house. The minority should appreciate that they must submit to the will of the majority as determined by the people in the general election. The minority cannot assume that their views must prevail. Otherwise the voices of the majority will be suppressed by the subversive minority contrary to the basic tenets of democracy.

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