Saturday, November 6, 2010

DAP’s Chiew and Voon invited to join ruling govt

Posted on November 6, 2010, Saturday
BOTH Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (BN-Pantai Damai) and Liwan Lagang (BN-Belaga) have unanimously invited opposition members Chiew Chin Sing (DAP-Kidurong) and Voon Lee Shan (DAP-Batu Lintang) to be a part of the ruling government.

They believed that Chiew and Voon could further ease the implementation of development projects planned for their respective constituencies.
Dr Rahman said he had looked up to the Kidurong assemblyman whom he described as a gentleman with manners and laudable character.
“It would be great if the member for Batu Lintang could emulate his counterpart from Kidurong to make this honorable assembly more orderly so that we all can work as a team for mutual benefit,” he said when debating on the Supply (2011) Bill 2010 yesterday. Dr Rahman said the disciplinary action taken against Ting Tze Fui (DAP-Meradong) should serve as a reminder for the opposition bench that no
one would escape any inappropriate action or words uttered.
He thus hoped that the opposition members would be more rational and responsible since they were elected into the assembly to voice the needs of the
people instead of having other agenda.
“They must learn to show respect to other members of this august House although we are from different sides,” he said. Congratulating the BN for its victory in Galas and Batu Sapi by-elections, Dr Rahman said they clearly portrayed that the people refused to take the opposition’s empty promises and sugar-coating.
“This has proven that the people are sick of their irresponsible manners, egoism and stirring up of issues relating to race and religion.
“Our people are smart enough to judge who can better lead the nation,” he said, believing that Sarawakians would emulate voters in Sabah and Kelantan not to buy whatever promises pledged by the opposition.

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