Saturday, October 2, 2010

'PKR election mess fault of Anwar-Azmin'

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By Teoh El Sen
KUALA LUMPUR: The electoral "mess" that PKR is facing now is caused by the poor leadership of de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and his right-hand man, vice-president Azmin Ali, claimed former deputy secretary-general and deputy presidency contender PS Jenapala.
At a press conference this afternoon, Jenapala demanded answers and solutions from the party leadership after highlighting more allegations of fraud and manipulation of the party election process.

He also demanded that the party election steering committee chairman Dr Molly Cheah quit her post for her failure in ensuring smooth elections.

"I want to state that Anwar and Azmin are conspiring together to ensure a victory at all costs even to the extent of condoning fraud," said Jenapala.

"Anwar is dangerous because he is a brazen liar and a big cheat for turning a blind eye to these acts of fraud. I think everyone knows that Azmin is Anwar's 'chosen one' and he will do anything in his power to ensure Azmin wins, even if it means resorting to cheating in broad daylight."

"Anwar thinks the party belongs to him and Azmin. I want to put on record that I have nothing against the party or its president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and that I support Nurul Izzah's bid for the vice-presidency.

“Everyone who loves the party should come together and help clean it," said Jenapala, who also said that it was time that PKR "purged its Umno-like management style".

"I have repeatedly said this chaos would happen. This is the result of the poor leadership of Anwar and Azmin and their total disregard for procedures. This ruckus is also the result of the machinations of the duo because if they had stayed neutral, this election would not have been held in such a heated environment," said Jenapala.

He added that there seemed to be a "deliberate" and planned strategy to ensure the ruckus happened in the divisions that are pro-Zaid Ibrahim, another deputy presidency contender.

"Even PKR election officer Raden Shamsul Akmar said that this has been purposefully stirred by paid mercenaries," said Jenapala.

Questioning Anwar's pledge of remaining neutral, Jenapala said it was untrue because of his apparent behind-the-scene support for Azmin.

"He publicly stated he will not lend support to anybody but his behind-the-scene actions have proven otherwise. I know for a fact that Anwar has been constantly working the phones pressuring various candidates to throw their lot behind Azmin.”

Jenapala questioned why Anwar allegedly made "relentless" phone calls to Grenda Aing in Sarawak asking him to ensure that the Bidayuh divisions throw their support behind Azmin.

"Is this your brand of leadership -- saying one thing and doing another? Saying you are neutral, then going all out to support a particular candidate? Grenda was long known as a Zaid supported but now has jumped ship and delivered to Anwar and Azmin as requested in the just concluded Sarawak PKR elections," he said.

Jenapala alleged that Anwar was "condoning" incidences of fraud by his inaction.

"It is alarming how many incidences of fraud are taking place right under our very noses," he said.

Going against Societies Act

Jenapala also highlighted another case in Pensiangan where incumbent chief Danny Andipai was previously disqualified on grounds of bankruptcy, but was allowed to contest against Jeffrey Kitingan, a supporter of Zaid.

"It has been said that certain people aligned to Azmin and Ansari Abdullah did all in their power to ensure that Danny was allowed to contest. To Raden Shamsul, who is in charge of sending election monitors to oversee the polls... how is it your very own election monitors allowed Danny in the race?"

Jenapala also alleged that supporters of the Anwar-Azmin camp were behind the fighting and chair-throwing incidents in Kapar, PJ Selatan and other "pro-Zaid" divisions.

He alleged that in several branch elections, including Batu Gajah, Beruas and Lumut, meetings were held simultaneously while voting was taking place, something which goes against the Societies Act 1966.

"This goes against every rule of democracy. Only elected committee members can conduct a meeting and subsequently only the new committee can make nominations. The nominations made by the out-going committee should be declared null and void because these particular members were not elected," he said, threatening to lodge a complaint with the Registrar of Society if the party fails to respond.

He also claimed he was told of incidents where returning officers were forcing members to vote for the people they want.

Jenapala also criticised MPs and state representatives who campaigned for Khalid Jaafar in Hulu Selangor to ensure he won the divisional election.

"Don't these elected reps have anything better to do with their time? Most elected reps talk of not having sufficient time to handle their constituency work. Yet this group of reps voluntarily gave up their time to try and win a local divisional election."

Name the Trojan horse

Jenapala also urged Anwar to name the Trojan horses he claimed were in the party now.

"Anwar says Trojan horses may have found their way into the party. I want him to name them. Why does he persist in keeping silent? Is it because he has nothing to produce?"

"The deputy president should not be Azmin; he has caused so much mess in the party. It is high time he is removed so that we can have a safer and cleaner party," said Jenapala.

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