Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opposition’s claims are lies

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SIBU: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud blasted the opposition, saying that their claims of answers to the people’s problems were only lies.

Speaking to a huge Aidilfitri gathering here on Tuesday evening, he said the opposition’s war cry of a change of government would not succeed as a change of government would only bring bad things to the people.

“Who will guarantee that the change of government will be a better one than we have today?” he said to the cheering crowd.

Taib said the opposition thought that they had the proverbial Alladin’s Lamp that they could resolve all the people’s problems, if they came to power.

“They think they have that lamp.

When they want a road built it will be there and when you want electricity all they have to do is rub the lamp, and so forth.

“It is not as simple as that. We, in the BN, have been planning and implementing many development projects for many years now. Many are still being developed and many more will be implemented in the future. But, all these take time,” he said.

Taib said that many mega projects such as Sarawak Corridor Renewable Energy (SCORE) were being planned and implemented, which would propel the state to become a high-income state by 2030.

“Problems might crop up here and there along the way but some could be resolved immediately while others may take time.” He said that the opposition’s claims that they had all the answers to the people’s problems were unrealistic and a lies.

“Take for example, the flooding mitigation issue in Sibu, they (opposition) said that they had a plan to resolve the problem. But that’s a lie. They don’t have any plan at all. It’s the (BN) government that already has plans to resolve the matter by allocating almost RM500 million for it.

“The (BN) government did not talk loudly about it (mitigation plans), but quietly went to work and allocate the huge amount of money for the project,” he said.

Looking into the future, the Chief Minister said the state government had come up with SCORE in order to create millions of highpaying jobs for the people, in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of a high-income nation.

“With SCORE in full swing later this vision (of high income) for all Malaysians would be realised.

That’s part of our long-term planning,” he said.

The Chief Minister urged all BN members to work harder to ensure that all those development plans would work. The people, he added, should be united always so that it would be easier for the government to implement the many development plans that would benefit them.

About 1,000 people from all walks of life attended the Raya gathering which was organised by Sibu PBB branch, with Dato Awang Bemee Ali Basah the Nangka assemblyman as the organising chairman.

Among those present were DUN Speaker Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar, Second Minister of Finance Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Lanang MP Datuk Tiong Thai King, and Jemoreng assemblyman Abu Seman Jahwi.

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