Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop whispering, SAPP's Yong tells 'insecure' DAP

By FMT Staff

PADANG: SAPP president Yong Teck Lee has slammed his detractors who do not understand the difference between friendship and marriage.
Yong, who is vying for the Batu Sapi parliamentary seat, also accused Sabah DAP’s Hiew King Cheu of starting a whisper campaign against him.

The Sabah politician's decision to contest in the Nov 4 by-election had ruffled the feathers of Pakatan Rakyat, the alliance which the once Barisan Nasional component SAPP was now aligned to.

Calling his detractors childish and hypocrites, Yong said: “It would be a waste of time to respond to those who do not understand the difference between friendship and marriage.”

Yong also claimed that Hiew was telling voters that SAPP would rejoin BN if it won the contest.

“We are not going back to BN. We are not rejoining BN. We want to topple BN. I’m telling Hiew to stop all this nonsense,” he said.

Yong was peeved when voters had approached him during his visit to the Tanah Merah wet market and quizzed him on whether he intended to return to BN.

According to the SAPP president, the whisper campaign reflected Sabah DAP's insecurity because it felt threatened by the support SAPP was getting.

In a bid to negotiate a deal with SAPP, PKR leaders had met with Yong last week. PKR is also fielding a candidate, local leader Ansari Andullah.

PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim had earlier asked Yong to give way to one-to-one fight between BN and Pakatan but Yong refused.

Instead in a joint press conference with PKR, Yong said that both SAPP and PKR would not attack each other during campaign but would focus instead on their common foe BN.

BN is fielding Linda Tsen, the widow of the former incumbent Edmund Chong who died in a motorcycle accident on Oct 9.

Billions for Sabah, nothing for Batu Sapi

Meanwhile, Yong also took a swipe at BN, saying that billions of ringgit allocated for Sabah did not trickle down into Batu Sapi.

He said there were many areas in Sabah including Batu Sapi which had remained unchanged under the decades-long rule of BN.

"Batu Sapi was one of the areas that was marginalised from mainstream development. It contradicts all the claims BN has been making about allocating billions for Sabah," he said.

Yong said Batu Sapi was a sprawling constituency and development was at its minimum despite BN being at the helm.

Quizzed on BN's dismissal of issues like oil royalty, autonomous Sabah and the 20-point agreement as 'irrelevant”, Yong said: "These are not bad or irrelevant issues.”

"Rather these are outstanding issues that we still continue to charge at the federal leaders... this is not a drama, we are not playing in a theatrical play. We are serious about this and we will raise it in Parliament after the people of Batu Sapi give us the mandate." he said

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