Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ibrahim denies being disrespectful, blames media

By Clara Chooi
October 13, 2010

Ibrahim Ali
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — Datuk Ibrahim Ali lambasted the opposition and the media today for accusing him of disrespect when he failed to rise during a one-minute silence tribute to the late Batu Sapi MP, asking if he would be attacked next for “farting or coughing”. “I stood up, only a bit late so what is the problem?
“Next time, if I fart or cough also it will be a problem. Now, Ibrahim Ali has become a problem... especially to people like you, Malaysian Insider, FMT, Malaysiakini,” he charged at reporters in Parliament this morning.
Two days ago, the Pasir Mas MP was accused of disrespect when he allegedly failed to stand up and was even seen talking on his mobile phone when the House observed a minute-long silence to show respect to Batu Sapi MP Edmund Chong Ket Wah who passed away in an accident recently.
Ibrahim defended himself today however, explaining that he stood up a little later than the other MPs for he was unwell and had a “numb” leg.
“I am not shy. I have diabetes now and I am under treatment so I am quite sick.

“Since I am under treatment, my eyes are a little watery, whenever I sit, if I do not have a friend with me, I tend to sleep, you know.
“Like when I sit in the LRT, when the train reaches my stop, I won’t be standing up immediately to leave,” he said.
He however did not deny that he had been talking on the phone during the tribute.
“I had my phone in my hand... when an important call comes about an issue from home, then how?” he asked.
Ibrahim also accused the opposition of using him as a “punching bag”, claiming they were bankrupt of ideas to use as accusations against him.
“But I feel good... I tell you, I feel much stronger and stronger because as I said, I am quite sick now. But you have to be resposible, choose better issues to use against me,” he said.
He welcomed the opposition to attack him if they found him guilty of any wrongdoing.
“If Ibrahim Ali committed corruption, or abuse of power, or if I committed sodomy, then attack me on that, no problem with me. If you found that I have done wrong, if it will make a big impact, attack me, but not when I fart or cough,” he said, triggering laughter among the press members gathered around him.

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