Friday, October 29, 2010

PR forms Sibu election task force


Posted on October 27, 2010, Wednesday
SIBU: Pakatan Rakyat (PR) yesterday formed a task force for the coming state election during their meeting at Sibu PAS office in Kampong Hilir Road.

WORKING TOGETHER: (From left) Tiong, Lu, David Wong, Johnny Wong, Abang Hashim and Paul Ling at the joint press conference.
Two representatives from each of the four component parties, namely PKR, DAP, PAS Sarawak and SNAP attended.
SNAP deputy chairman Johnny Wong Sie Lee said the task force was to ensure that PR members work together and focus on the state election.
“We work for a strong, credible and a united opposition front with strong leadership and common goals,” he said.
Wong said it was also the aim of the opposition coalition to convince all Malaysians that PR was the suitable choice for the rakyat and called on the people to vote for change in the coming election.
He pointed out that their success in wresting the Sibu parliamentary seat from BN during the recent by-election had actually hastened the formation of the opposition coalition and the setting up of the task force.
“Now, the most important thing is that we must get ready for the coming election that may be called anytime from now,” he said.
He believed that the coalition had a strong chance to win many seats, including Dudong, Bukit Assek, Bawang Assan, Nangka, Pelawan, Tamin and Kakus.
In a separate issue, Wong called on the government to build a retaining wall along the riverbanks from Kampong Datuk to Kampong Nangka.
He said the Malay community who stayed along the right side of the Igan River had suffered, with some losing their infants.
“…others have lost their properties when their stilt houses were crashed by runaway barges.
“The recent massive logjam that halted transportation along Rajang River and Igan River also gave them grave inconveniences. Many of the residents had to push away and clear the debris and logs that hit the pillars of their houses for a whole day,” he said.
In addition, Wong said the government should also resurface the road from Kampong Datuk to Kampong Nangka and at the same time expand the kampong roads. The next meeting of the task force will be held at the office of PKR in two weeks’ time.
The two representatives from each party picked to attend the meeting were Stephen Lu and Oscar Ling from DAP, Simon Tiong and George Chen from PKR, Johnny Wong and Tay Chong Hing from SNAP and Shamsudin Talep and Kamil Mat from PAS.

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