Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Azmin is immodest

It was immodest for Azmin Ali to call Tun Dr Mahathir 'a fallen leader'. Some people may label Azmin a wretch for uttering such words while others would regard it as improper, like what DPM Muhyiddin said.

Perhaps Azmin, the PKR vice-president should look back at where he used to belong. When he was with Anwar Ibrahim at the DPM's office, he was full of praise for the former premier. I remember him describing Dr M as a leader everyone should respect and appreciate.

That was about 15 years ago. And now that he is with the Opposition, he finds it necessary to batter the 'warlord' whose Cabinet decided to sack Anwar. Or he was finding an 'overkill' element prior to the PKR party elections.

But still, I dont find it necessary to say such things, especially when you dont really understand what a fallen leader is. Obviously it is not Dr M, who has steered Malaysia into what it is today. With an average economic growth of 8 per cent throughout his 22 years tenancy as a Prime Minister, switching Malaysia from an agricultural to an industrial-based economy, reducing poverty from 28 per cent in 1980 to less that 4 per cent at the time of his retirement, placing Malaysia well on the diplomatic map, making Malaysia as one of the world's most competitive economies...etc, etc... you called him a fallen leader?

What Azmin said was a sock to Malaysia and the majority of its people who see Dr M as a true leader. Even those who used to call him a dictator and oppose his policies have high respect for him. For a politician as young as Azmin, such a statement backfires easily - not only from those who support the government but also from those who are not.

A fallen leader refers to someone who fails his country and his people, a leader who fails to bring about development to his country, someone who is highly corrupt, a leader who practices corporate and legalistic entity, one who puts his country into disarray, someone who cant accept defeat and a leader who easily sells his soul to foreign forces.

No, Dr M is not such. I think Azmin admits the fact but as he is with Anwar, he cant say good things about Dr M anymore. We can understand that.

I hope Azmin doesnt turn from 'bad to evil'. He can stay with the Opposition but he should stay clear with his own good conscience. He should be able to distinguish between the moon and the sun...

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  1. Azmin is not God. What he said of Tun M can happen to him instead.He is not intelligent at all, definitely not the kind of having a shred of Tun's well-acclaimed wisdom in almost all good things that He did or does. Azmin should be ashamed of himself by trying to harness himself to a higher standing by talking ill of Tun M. That's the cheapest kind of publicity and certainly most abhorrent way of campaigning in a party election, trying to score by shooting at a "the greatest common enemy he could find". That's an act of a hypocrite with an evil mind an a lowly character. I suggest that Azmin Ali should appropriately seek forgiveness and then just retire in oblivion. Tun M deserves the gratitude of all malaysians , of all races colour or creed including members of the opposition and their families who stand to enjoy the fruits of Tun M's thoughts and labour for the many unselfished years that Tun served this beautiful Nation of ours. Long live Tun M....boooooo to Azmin and his mentor.

  2. He'll do anything ... I repeat ANYTHING for his master Anwar. And I'll do anything not to support this dog.