Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why non Bumis opposing History as a must-pass subject?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

it is a good move that history be made a must-pass subject as the new generation lacked understanding of the nation's history. the youngsters nowadays spend their time in front of computers.they look for a comfortable life but are not well-versed in the country's history.the education ministry said that history would be made a must-pass subject in the SPM examination from 2013 along with the Bahasa Malaysia subject but the non bumis especially those from the opposition party don't agree with the them Malaysia history is not important as they said it only involves the bumis only.well everyone should understand this land earlier was called tanah melayu and obviously they are the people who lives there.while in sabah and sarawak they have indigenous population which made up of some 30 groups.the non bumis came in the later part of the history but they are still part of the history.they should not fear with Malaysia's history if they really love this country.they should be proud of it and happy with the move that history be made a must-pass subject so that everyone in this country knows about the history of the country.we can see in a poll carry out by the star which majority of its readers are non bumis voted whether the agree with the ministry's move or not. 75% opposed it,why? they are simply not patriotic and does not have love for this country.

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  1. I so agree with tunku. Why should anybody (who profess to be a 'loyal' citizen of the country)oppose the learning of history as a must-pass subject?? This will be a fantastic litmus test to check out exactly where every individual who's applying for citizenship stands on the naturalization scale.

    In the USA, anyone who wants to be a US citizen must speak the official language which is English, and they must know the American Constitution and History. That is why there is such a thing as 'Americanisation'. Hence you see all these foreigners queuing to go for English night classes. By the same token, that is the processing each and every wannabe Malaysian citizen needs to go through for us to know that every foreigner hailing from their motherland has been truly 'Malaysianised'.

    There are individuals who insist that they are Malaysians (demanding rights and the like) and yet can hardly be bothered to learn to utter a word in Bahasa. This is not forgetting certain companies which totally de-emphasize Bahasa Malaysia in their requirements,and instead substituting it with foreign language like Mandarin requirement. How then do these companies expect to deal with the Malaysian Government if they are unable to conduct themself in the official language? Like Singapore, these so-called 'Malaysians' should be excited about joining the Malaysian National Service (PLKN)- and yet just listen to all the grumbles and complaints from them.

    There is a saying in Malay "Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit di junjung". The Ministry of Education must proceed with this move for all students to get a compulsory pass in History to ensure that we are churning out patriotic future Malaysians who are well-versed with their nation's past and how we came to be.

    Only then will there be hope for 1 Malaysia!