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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should go on a road-tour to explain why this country could be facing serious political turbulence soon if the Malays choose to remain politically divided.

On which platform Dr Mahathir chooses to share his concerns and insights into the on-going political revolution is immaterial but his message and simple analogy ought to be delivered to the masses, particularly the Malays.
Its time for the Malays to be reminded of unity and its strengths!
The Malays on the ground are increasingly agitated by the recent political arguments touching on issues like the special position of the Malays, Bumiputera and Islam.
They are indeed very unhappy with the behaviour of non-Bumi politicians from both sides of the divide who appear to be treading a dangerous path in the name of equality.
The Muslims are not happy with the uncouth behaviour of non-Muslim politicians who are openly abusing the sanctity of Suraus and Mosques, some with the endorsement of power hungry Muslim politicians and Islamic political parties.
There is great anger against Malay and Bumiputera politicians, including Ministers, who are perceived to be selling their soul to appear liberal among the neo-liberals.
It’s an undeniable fact today that the Muslim majority populace are getting increasingly worried with the perceived inaction of Malay-Muslim leaders against the onslaught of the neo-liberals.
In the books of the promoters of Malaysian Malaysia nothing appears sacrosanct any longer, nothing is considered sensitive and equality is their war cry.
Everybody else must give away their hold but those who dominate and basically ‘rule’ the economy must maintain status quo. That’s their brand of equality.
The ‘sons of the soil’ must cast aside their rights, privileges and existence as Bumiputera (sons of the soil), and be prepared to compete on equal grounds with the other financially dominant race.
But the financially dominant race gets to maintain its status quo and becomes more racist and blatant in its quest for political power. Their economic prowess and the bounty are used to further discriminate ‘others’ in their eyes.
These brands of racists often cry out aloud against anything and everything that stands in the way, blocking their greed.
These racists among us champion open-tenders and equal distribution of Government contracts but they dominate more than 90% of the entire private sector contracts.
This single racists group among us swallows an alarming portion of the private sector’s “economic cake”, yet there seems to be no end to their unabated greed.
Now, they even want to dictate who could speak up and who can’t.
Take the issue of Perkasa, the non-Governmental Organisation, for example.
Why is there a need for the whole weight of the Opposition to be stacked against Perkasa?
What is so racists about Perkasa the NGO, compared to the unruly mob behaviour of certain race and religion based organisations in our recent past?
Wonder what Hindraf is, if not a racist organisation that told lies about non-existent ethnic cleansing and genocide in Malaysia?
What about the racist Chinese NGOs that vehemently opposed the Sekolah Wawasan concept and churned out lies against the Government?
Chauvinist DAP leaders like Lim Kit Siang and his ilk would do everything possible to prevent the Malays from reuniting for obvious reasons.
Their lifespan would be cut short if the Bumiputera decide to discard negative, divisive politics and regroup for a noble cause, for their unity.
Since when an individual or an organisation which strives to preserve the provisions in the Federal Constitution is deemed to be racists?
True racists are those who preach about unity but make an about turn and threaten the Government when Sekolah Wawasan (Vision School) concept to unite our young was proposed.
True racists are the ones who are greedy by nature. Not only that they would like to be in control of everything that has been allocated for their race, they would also instigate and provoke for the share of the other races.
True racist are the ones who preach about unity and equality but would sent their kids only to THEIR school and effectively prevent the young from mixing with others.
True racists are the ones who ONLY speak their language among themselves and in public without any consideration of others around them. They won’t feel offended by such rudeness. (I heard in Indonesia they can’t and don’t behave in such manner).
True racists are the ones who ONLY employ their kind in their businesses, organisations, groups, companies etc and would only take in Others to fill a certain quota if the law requires them to.

True racists are the ones who would trade in anything and everything with TWO different sets of pricing. One for their kind and another with a slightly higher pricing for the other races.
True racist are the ones who monopolise the economy of the country in which they are the minority, but instead of being grateful they aspire to ‘colonialise’ the country.
True racists are greedy, ungrateful yet economically powerful and now they aspire for political supremacy.
When some among the majority, whom the racists aim to divide and rule, wake up and expose the racists’ ruse then these individuals or organisations would be demonised.
I believe this is why Perkasa is so popular among the racists, who have turned around and blamed the non-Governmental Organisation as racist.
The silent majority among the Malay Muslims in the Peninsula and their Bumiputera brethren from Sabah and Sarawak are increasingly worried about these greedy racists and that’s the reality on the ground today.
And that is exactly why Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should go on a road-tour to drive some sense into the heads of the Bumiputera, like what he did in Pasir Mas, Kelantan on Saturday.
Pasir Mas stood still with more than 10,000 Malays, Siamese, Chinese, Indians dan ‘lain-lain” who flooded the Perkasa Kelantan gathering to listen to Dr.Mahathir’s message.
There was nothing racist about the gathering, which even had multiracial, multiethnic traditional dancers in the welcoming party for Dr.Mahathir… including a Chinese Lion Dance troupe (from Kelantan not China).
All Perkasa and many like-minded NGOs are concerned about is in stopping the racists from creating anarchy in this beloved nation of ours. 

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