Saturday, October 2, 2010

No UTUSAN MALAYSIA or Cuit Zaini Hassan for 3 months!!! -


Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 September 2010, Saturday
KUCHING - When the CM is busy officiating many officials function across Sarawak, suddenly there is this columnist on UTUSAN asking our beloved CM to step down.  Who is he to give such comments?  Does he not know that our CM is being requested to continue our fight by the people and against his own will? Please Zaini open up your mind and your eyes. Even JPUNS agree that there is no other leader as great as our CM!!!

You only received SMS from 1000 friends but CM on the other hand, has supports from all over Sarawak to continue the fight to bring Sarawak to be a developed country.  In this blog you could find articles where you could witnessed the Sarawakians from all over the division gathered around to surprise him on the day he returned from visiting his grandchildren and family abroad.  Then, he made the announcement to continue the spirit of 1963.  He already made his promise to help Sarawakians with the introduction of  new strategic economic plan that will continue to increase the economic, wealth and development across Sarawak.  Do you know how big is Sarawak?  Do you know Sarawak is rich with unique background and blessed with many cultures?  You and Dr John Brian should come down to Sarawak instead of writing from "abroad".  
Even the mighty Kuala Lumpur cannot manage the Kampung Baru and took many years to develop yet you want to swim across the South China Sea to bring down our CM.  Are you nuts?
We would like you to come over to Sarawak, have feast in the longhouse. Walk the Waterfront and admire the New Dewan Undangan Negeri.  We would want you to stroll along all the shops and you could see 1Malaysia in front of you.  Chinese, Malay and the Dayaks would be seen smiling and greeting each others sometimes sharing the table to enjoy Mee Jawa or Laksa.  We want Sarawak to stay as Sarawak and not like the Malayans where Chinese doesn't enter the Malay shop or buy from the Malay whilst the Malay only eat at the Malay shop. We are 1Sarawak and we support the leadership of our CM.

If you need further reading materials please find those links to all fellow Sarawakians bloggers in one voice to express that they disagree with your article to ask our CM to step down.

Please have a bit of integrity and don't become a bad name to UTUSAN.

I am now boycotting UTUSAN for allowing you to publish such articles for 3 months!!!!
Below are few words from the Sarawak blogosphere... for you
rajahmas have a note for you

audie61 got this to say

sebanaku-sarawak is really pissed at you!

And finally to answer your question: No! Wan Mokhtar is not even 'there' to be compared with our CM!!!

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