Monday, October 11, 2010

Taib: Okay to discuss, but don’t quarrel

Posted on October 10, 2010, Sunday
KUCHING: Islam encourages its followers to hold discussions but not to the extent of causing a quarrel due to differences of opinion.

SOCIAL DISCOURSE: Taib having a conversation with Abang Mohd Shibli (second right) while Putit (second left) and Wan Kassim look on.
Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said Muslims should know there is a limit to any discourse because if they persist in the discussion where it is clearly not going anywhere, it could cause more harm than good for society.
“In Islam, we don’t have to be reckless but we are to be patient and calm when discussing any issue or idea in hand,” he said.

He pointed out that it was due to this level-headed approach that they  managed to establish a developed society in the past.
Citing the making of an edict, he said the various parties may need to stop their arguments for a while and wait for the right time.
“It is only after we have gathered all the necessary information that we would be able to issue an edict in the right perspective,” he said.
Taib, who was delivering his speech during a Hari Raya open house organised by Islamic agencies in the state at the Islamic Information Centre on Friday night, also reminded Muslims that not all their problems could be solved immediately.
There are many interacting factors, he explained.
However, he urged them not to despair when they face problems that seem to have no solution as it would be a matter of time before a practical solution emerge.
On the Hari Raya open house, Taib said it should be held annually to provide a platform for Muslims to exchange and share ideas and experiences among themselves.
“We must not forget that one way to learn effectively is when we are able to communicate with each other,” he said, adding the open house concept could also help nurture an open-minded and tolerant society.
Sarawak Islamic Council president Datu Putit Matzen also spoke.
The function was also attended by Sarawak Islamic Department director Datu Wan Kassim Tuanku Zubir, former director of Sarawak Religious Department Datu Misnu Taha, Chief Judge of Syarie Court of Sarawak Mohd Ali
Mohd Sherifd Sahib and general manager of Sarawak Baitulmal Fund Abang Mohd Shibli Abang Nailie.

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