Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Muslims must change to move forward — Taib

                ADAPT TO CHANGE: Taib (left) handing over a donation to one of the recipients in conjunction with the month of Ramadan. Also seen are Daud (second left) and Fadillah (third left).

KUCHING: Muslims must not be afraid to accept changes in the way they practise Islam so long as it (change) does not contradict the core teachings of the religion, said Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

He said the way Muslims practised Islam today had differed markedly from the old days in order to stay in tune with the time and to become progressive and dynamic.

“Previously, Muslims had to travel by sail boats for about six months just to perform the Haj. Nowadays, pilgrims only have to fly, and it would take them only eight hours to reach their destination by plane.

“From here alone, we can see one of the changes in the Islamic World. Because of that we have to realise that the teachings of Islam will not change, but some of the way we practise things do change.

“Because of that too, one generation to the next will have to change in accordance with the trend,” he said during the breaking of fast at Masjid Darussalam in Matang here on Saturday.

Taib said the Islamic world today had progressed much and had contributed a lot to the world in various fields. This was possible because Muslims dared to respond to changes.

“Nowadays we see that Muslims are smart in handling or managing the banking sector throughout the world. They are now in the field of international finance.

“There are now more than 600 banks around the globe that provides the Islamic system of financing where money management is done in accordance to the Syariah. The system has been there since 30 years ago, so this shows that the Islamic world has advanced,” he said.

Another significant contribution by the Islamic world is in the halal food and fashion industries.

“I have kept abreast with fashion which is imbued with the Islamic concept. It was recently displayed in Monaco, where the rich and famous converged. Most of them were attracted to the unique fashion,” he enthused.

At the function on Saturday, Taib distributed financial aids to 34 suraus around Tupong and to about 70 less fortunate individuals in Matang. He also announced that a centre for sports and recreation would be built in Matang soon.

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