Friday, September 17, 2010

Mawan calls on young people to know the significance of Malaysia Day

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KUCHING: Minister of Social Development and Urbanisation, Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom said he welcomes all Sarawakians, especially the younger generation, to come together to celebrate Malaysia Day today to enable them to be conscious about the sacrifices and struggles of past leaders who have given them a beloved nation known as Malaysia.

“Without the ingenuity of such leaders who had the vision to form Malaysia, the present generation may not be able to have the opportunity to savour the level of development and comfort that we have now,” he said in his message in the souvenir programme of the state level Malaysia Day celebration today.

He expressed the hope that the present generation and those beyond would always cherish and be thankful for the struggles of our predecessors, and continue to remain supportive of the government’s efforts to bring continuous progress and development to Sarawak and Malaysia.

“Since this is the first time that Sarawak is celebrating this event on a state-level scale, I hope that it will be able to impart to the people of Sarawak what is the meaning and significance of Malaysia Day which has been declared as a national public holiday by the federal government,” he said.

He was also grateful that the state of Sarawak was able to celebrate the Malaysia Day celebration in peace and harmony.

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