Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SUPP Padungan calling for special delegate conference

by Peter Pui

KUCHING – SUPP Kuching Branch (N9 Padungan) constituency had organized a close door Forum entitled : “It’s NOW or NEVER !!!” to discuss the followings :-

1/ SUPP What’s has tomorrow installed for us ?

2/ SUPP, Should we leave the BN coalition ?

3/ SUPP, What is our immediate reponsibility ?

4/ SUPP, What Do U say to our CM’s Statement about the Chinese’s Needs?

The Forum lasted from 10am-4pm and The Branch Members have unanimously voted to request for SUPP Party Central to hold an Special Delegate Conference to discuss and determine SUPP’s immediate role and its future directions within the BN coalition … no dates has been set but this is the top priority issues that should b resolved b4 the next State Election.

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