Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kenapa DAP dan pemimpin2 bukan bumiputera (dalam BN) terus tidak bercakap benar dan melaungkan bahawa kaum mereka tidak mendapat peluang ekonomi adil?

MORE HOTEL ROOMS: Imperial Palace Hotel offers contemporary accommodation for guests.

Ternyata bahawa merekalah yang telah meraih keuntungan ekonomi yang terbanyak di Sarawak dan negara selama ini...kalau benar laungan mereka maka 'kelulusan' tidak akan diberi kepada kaum mereka oleh kerajaan 'tidak adil' BN (seperti ditomahkan oleh mereka)...(komen mudatengah)

Imperial Palace Hotel – a new landmark in Miri

MIRI: Bumi Uniplus Sdn Bhd (nama sahaja tetapi sebenarnya 100% dimiliki bukan bumiputera) yesterday announced the soft opening of Miri’s latest landmark – Imperial Palace Hotel – located strategically in the bustling Pelita Commercial Centre on Sept 9.

MORE HOTEL ROOMS: Imperial Palace Hotel offers contemporary accommodation for guests.

Reflected by its choice of light colour granite and glass panel, the latest and anticipated landmark is another addition to Miri Resort City which will be opened for business with its soft opening this Thursday.

Imperial Palace general manager Su Sii Jiong revealed the property is conceptually transformed into 307 contemporary units of hotel rooms consisting of 155 units of standard rooms, 149 units of superior rooms and 3 units of deluxe rooms.

“The contemporary hotel is also designed to cater for the need of various people such as families, handicapped people, business entrepreneurs, banquet events, meetings, conventions and workshops,” he said.

Apart from the rooms, other facilities and amenities provided by the hotel are X-Force Fitness Centre, open air Jacuzzi pool, surau, VIP room, 4 multi-functional conference rooms and a restaurant.

“The hotel basement car park provides over 100 parking spaces for hotel guests and patrons, served by hotel lifts,” Su said during the press conference at the soft launching yesterday.

The 4-star service hotel offers a 3-star rate pricing with its opening promotion from RM138 nett inclusive of breakfast for standard rooms and RM161 nett for superior room and RM184 nett for deluxe room.

The promotion kicks off from Sept 9 to end of December this year.

“Our hotel blends in as the preferred business class hotel to compliment our customers by offering comfortable stay at very affordable rate,” he said.

Boulevard Group of Companies chief executive officer Don Yew Hoon said the location was strategically at the vibrant commercial centre consisting of trading houses, offices, professional firms, food outlets, restaurants and bakeries, supermarket and departmental store within walking distance from the hotel.

“The commercial centre not only is the busiest during the day, but also in the evening the centre is the happening and lively area as there are numerous entertainment centres such as karaoke, pubs, bistros as well as clubbing outlets,” he enthused.

The hotel restaurant located at the lobby offers a wide range of its renowned chef’s dedicated western and oriental mouthwatering cuisine for discerning taste buds with a wide variety of freshly baked pastries and cakes.

Also present at the announcement were Boulevard Group chairman Tan Sri Ling Chiong Hoe and director Ling Chiong Sing.

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