Thursday, September 23, 2010

PKR preaches good governance but practices dirty political tactics’ - Adakah Rakyat Sarawak akan tertipu?

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By Luke Rintod

KUDAT: At least three local PKR leaders from Kudat have claimed that there were irregularities at their weekend party elections.
Ondon Mangajil, from Kampung Layung, Pitas who won a divisional committee seat, said he was an unhappy because of glaring flaws at the party polls.

Among the incidents were candidates aligned to incumbent Mursalim Tanjul being allowed to assist the monitoring team appointed by headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

“How could it be that even candidates themselves were running the polling process? This does not happen in other political parties but it is allowed in PKR and worse it was only for a certain group in the party.

“Other anomalies are the mysterious issuance of receipts for membership fees and the fact that the other members aligned to a certain group were allowed to mark others’ ballot papers. This is terrible for PKR,” Ondon said.

In the polls on Sunday, Mursalim retained his post as division head when he polled 152 votes against his sole challenger Harry Manisit who garnered 98 votes.

Another leader, Daholok Sunpunadou @ Peter, also alleged the same irregularities, adding that he was not sore at losing his bid for the deputy head post but could not understand how PKR, who ‘preached good governance but is at the same time practicing dirty political tactics’ to its own members.

Endily Manih won the deputy post polling 133 votes, defeating Daholok who gained 87 votes and another challenger Muslimin who polled in only 32 votes.

Harry when contacted, said he was in the process of filing an official complaint to the party’s election body so that a correction could be made by the party.

On Monday, Papar's former division head, Sylvester Balon Mujim, joined a chorus of complains on the PKR polls, saying it was disorganised and devious.

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  1. This is what happens when you follow bad leadership!!! Bad followers will become bad leaders!!