Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SUPP Cry Baby (borneo warrior) or being deceitful?

by Tedewin Ngumbang
“Give us our due”, ” Cut false praise” , screamed the headlines of The Star the last two days, consecutive days at that, (Sunday, 5th September and Monday, 6th September) highlighting the SUPP President uproar of displeasure on the political and business situations in Sarawak amidst intense speculation that his party may leave Barisan National.

George Chan was reported to have said that his party has to be more” vocal and demanding and hoped that the government would give the people what is due to them and correct any unfairness”. He went on to say that the “small and medium businesses are not getting enough opportunities to get contracts”. He also said that certain government leaders do not even know what the Chinese want.
The deputy Cm also said that “apple-polishing culture make the government lose touch with people”.
Ironically, who is the government George Chan refers to? We all thought that he is all this while the deputy Cm, and that makes him the 2nd man in the Sarawak government, after the supremo, the Chief Minister himself! George Chan has been the deputy chief minister for donkey years as well as holding very important ministerial portfolios at one time or the other throughout his tenure, even to this present day.
The small and medium businesses part: Why is SUPP complaining now? Are you telling us that SUPP has been “taking care” of only the big businesses and tycoons all these while? Look at these huge and mammoth projects in Sarawak; the Baram port, the Senjingkat power station, the Medical centre in Kota Samarahan, the Pig Centralised Farm area in Simunjan; Ain’t these projects initiated by SUPP and their people in the Government?
Now, the apple-polishing part. Apple-polishing who? Who polishes whose apple? For years SUPP has nothing but praise and jubilation what with hundred of pages of congratulatory messages and advertisements when the Cm is celebrating his birthdays, anniversaries of his marriage, years in office, and, even condolences.
It is baffling that SUPP and their president now cry foul..with all the trappings all these years. It is for all of us Sarawakians to see.It is undeniable, and, in all honesty and fairness, that Taib has given SUPP and its leaders and “partners” in business ample opportunities resulting in so many millionaires among their midst.
The Dayaks in PRS , PBB and SPDP? Its the crumbs under the table for the takings….compared to what SUPP has got!
So, it does not matter whether SUPP leave Barisan or not, does it?
Either way..writings are on the wall.

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