Friday, December 3, 2010

Opposition ticked off for being obsessed with power grabbing

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 14:23
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SIBU: The Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud ticked off the opposition for being obsessed with the idea forming the next government and showed no concern about the livelihood of the people.

He said the question was whether or not they could use such power to benefit the population of Sarawak.

“Please do not be too obsessed in trying to grab power, because wresting for power may not answer the question. What can they do with the power if they do not know what to do with such power,” he asked.

According to the Chief Minister, the opposition could not lead as they were only concerned with taking over the government. A good government must be by the people and for the people.

“All the while, they have never given us ideas how to develop the state, but only tell us why there is lacking here and short of something there.

That is not the way.

“The most important thing is that they must be by the people and for the people.

Power must be accompanied by the great concern for the livelihood of the people,” said Taib.

What was wor rying, he added, was that they (opposition) were obsessed in politicking and would forget to administer the state and develop it accordingly.

“In their zest for politicking, many of them forget what development is all about. They incite the people to go against the government as it tries to develop the state. They even try to instigate the people to hate the government instead of contributing ideas to develop the state,” he said.

According to Taib, it was the state’s policy of development that managed to pull out the ordinary people from low-income group to relatively high-income group.

“We have been successful in bringing development to the people and creating many jobs opportunities for them,” he told the 800 participants of the Sarawak Development and Community Leaders Seminar, here yesterday.

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