Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Tee Boon Hock was made a scapegoat?

Henry Ling

by Henry Ling

IN ENGLAND AND MOST COMMONWEALTH COUNTRIES, SPEAKER of Legislature is strictly speaking a non-partisan appointment with no affiliation with his political party in politic. Is this not the case in Malaysia?

This topic will set new precedent for the SPEAKER of Selangor State Assembly DAP’s MR TENG CHANG KHIM who was accused of the fact but openly defied in public that he would not attend any hearing of the DAP’s disciplinary committee hearing if summoned in his capacity as SPEAKER of the Selangor State Assembly and Chair of the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency when he commented on TEE BOON HOCK who was alleged to have misused a Selangor exco member’s letterhead to secure contracts for his cronies and family.

It is not easy to reconcile the conflict between the party’s disciplinary and the non-partisan appointment of MR TENG CHANG KHIM as SPEAKER, at least technically this was a neutral appointment along that of free speech and criticism of the Government.

In the past, any single issues DAP had sensationalized it leaving alone the right of the public to know the truth from DAP. Time has come for all and more than what the public would expect from the PK Government to tell the world how do they understand about the transparency, how do they show their competency in carrying out their tasks and their accountability to the public to prove that what is the reality. Neither the Selangor State Constitutional nor was there any law provide the Speaker any immunity from being called yet. What does the Speaker worry if he is summoned as SPEAKER of the Selangor State Assembly and Chairman of the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency?

As Speaker, he has too the duty to speak the truth to tell all the corrupt practices inside and outside the PR. As the Chairman of this powerful Selangor Selected Committee, he has the paramount duty to show his competency, accountability and transparency in public as the position should walk the talk and talk the walk.

For a real competency, accountability and Transparency in Selangor PR, LIM KIT SIANG, ANWAR IBRAHIM and LIM GUAN ENG should have asked for The Royal Commission to inquire into the facts if the PR believes in the truth in real competency, accountability and transparency of the good PR governance.

When the late TOEH BENG HOCK died, PR especially DAP and PR had taken all the unproven allegation or lies out from the sky and blew it out openly before any finding on an issue. DAP makes it louder than a bomb every time and yet repeatedly giving an impression that DAP had the evidence and they knew what was the real cause of the tragic event and yet none of them came out to be witnesses.

Now it looks like time has come, the late TOEH BENG HOCK has spoken through the SPEAKER asking DAP to answer the call and tell the truth………….

The late TOEH BENG HOCK’s former allies and political master had tried to hide the truth. These people kept on shouting that other people had murdered him or MACC was held responsible for the death. They made accusations and yet up to now, there was no iota of evidence from any of them to support any accusation. They better tell the truth to answer the call of the late TOEH BENG HOCK’s and help to find out the truth as to the cause of him.

The latest development TEE BOON HOCK was made a scapegoat. Why? There must be a mysterious story behind it. WHY PAKATAN RAKYAT LEADERS ANWAR IBRAHIM, KAPRAL SINGH, LIM KIT SIANG and LIM GUAN ENG had shut out. They do not care about the justice, the real competency, accountability and transparency in the PR administration in Selangor.

If TEE BOON HOCK was the victim, then what is really behind him? There must be real reason for the SPEAKER to say “OMG (oh my god)! Real culprit is freed.” This message is simple but even louder than a Bomb! IF TEE BOON HOCK was the victim, whether MACC was also made a scapegoat over the mysterious death of the late TOEH BENG HOCK?

With the current explosion of PR Selangor State Government under PAKATAN RAKYAT, the ongoing efforts by the BN Prime Minister Dato’ Sri NAJIB RAZAK under 1Malaysia to combat bribery and corruption in our society is now deteriorating further under the Index of Transparency International.

The Corruptions and malpractices in PR Government would provide a new barometer of the general public having an impression that PR is even worst that those corrupted people in BN and that PR could not help to do anything to discourage corrupt practices in government administrations.

They cried loud about the alleged corruptions and yet in secret they enjoying eating their own words. They are even worst than anyone.

On the surface, they advocated for high standards on integrity and anti-corruption measures against everything but in really they are really the most corrupted bunch of people of all around the World. At the end, they are the champion!

* the writer is the chairman of SUPP Bintulu

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