Sunday, August 29, 2010

PBB branches want CM to continue leading

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MIRI: Twenty thousand registered members of Party Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) from five branches here have stated that Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud’s leadership is still needed and relevant.

Head of Bekenu branch and party supreme council member, Ahmad Lai Bujang says PBB still needed Taib to continue his leadership and stand in the next state election.

Ahmad Lai who is also member of parliament for Sibuti, added that Taib’s leadership is still relevant because of his experience in leading the state for the past 29 years.

“Due to his strong leadership skills, he has the confidence of our prime minister to continuously lead the state”, said Ahmad Lai in a press conference here yesterday.

The press conference was held following the chief minister’s statement, published in local newspapers, that he was ready to step down in the next state election and would leave it to the prime minister and the party (PBB) to decide his fate.

Ahmad Lai added that the strength of Taib’s leadership has brought a lot of development and multi-racial harmony to the state, adding that the chief minister is the one who started ‘one Sarawak’ which contributed to the onset of the idea to form 1Malaysia.

“We can say that Pehin was the person who started one Sarawak until the onset of the idea to form 1 Malaysia,” Ahmad Lai said.

He pointed out that the chief minister has changed the state’s political pattern, because he not only brought in material development but also the development of the minds of the people to cooperate with each other.

Moreover, Ahmad Lai said, we (PBB members) are not willing to let any individual or party topple the Taib leadership in the state.

“We the people of Sarawak have been enjoying a happy life, prosperity and peace. Pehin Sri has played a role in the development and prosperity of Sarawak since many years back, together with the early leaders,” he said.

He urged the public to stay and support Pehin Sri to enable him to continue his leadership in the state for mutual benefit.

Meanwhile, head of PBB Pujut branch, Bakar Amit also want Pehin Sri to be maintained as chief minister.

“The state’s development agenda like Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) needs ideas and advices from Pehin Sri Taib”, he said.

Head of PBB Piasau branch, Councilor Sardon Zainal says that he wants Pehin Sri to stand for this coming state election as the state still needs his leadership.

He added that as Pehin Sri is seen as a prominent political leader in the state, the younger leaders still need him as a reference and ‘Sifu’ to lead the state.

The head of PBB Senadin, Abdul Ajis Sipin believed that only Taib is able to cope with the current politic climate in the state.

Head of Sepupok Niah subbranch, Councilor Anuar Ahmad says Pehin Sri has brought in much development to the people in rural areas towards attaining the vision of a higher income society in the future.

Head of Kampung Tunku Abdul Rahman sub-branch, Lambir, Councilor Arabi Dawit stressed that Pehin Sri must be maintained as state number one leader to ensure progressive development and multiracial harmony in the state.

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