Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'What's the deal with Sabah 12, Anwar?'

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By FMT Staff

PETALING JAYA: PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim has come under fire over the party's decision to haul up 12 leaders aligned to Jeffrey Kitingan for allegedly leading a revolt more than a year ago.

The 12 have been summoned to face the party's disciplinary committee on Wednesday for their involvement in setting up Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) last year.

Party sources said that Anwar should reveal why these 12 are being called up for a disciplinary hearing when a peace plan hatched in December ruled out any form of witchhunt.

“Are they being summoned so that they can be suspended or sacked just before the party polls next month?

“This would leave their rivals being able to win the divisional elections, and in return allow Anwar's blue-eyed boy Azmin (Ali) to get the much-needed support from these divisions,” said sources. At least eight of the 12 are to contest for divisional head posts in various divisions.

The sources also claimed that Azmi, the party vice-president, had a hand in bringing the disciplinary action against the 12.

“The complainant is an Azmin loyalist in the state. Azmin is still seething from the manner he was removed from the state leadership by people aligned to Jeffrey,” they said, adding that Azmin realises he has no support from the state if the incumbents are allowed to retain their divisional seats.

“Now that he has aspirations of going for the deputy president's post, he needs to build his base in all states. His fear is that his rivals at the national level have a better reach in Sabah,” added the sources.

Anwar wants Azmin on top?

The sources said that with the disciplinary action being mooted, it was apparent that Anwar was allowing Azmin to “work his way in ensuring he wins the deputy's post with ease”.

“This is akin to Anwar telling everyone in Sabah that he wants Azmin to win the deputy's post and that they should help him do it,” they said.

The sources also said that the decision by the party to summon the 12 on Wednesday contradicted a decision made by the political bureau not to purse the matter against them.

“The political bureau's decision was taken at a meeting chaired by Anwar three weeks ago to accept the explanation by the 12 and to drop the matter, but now we see that the matter is still alive.

“This only goes to show that the party's decisions are not made at the political bureau meetings but outside it.”

“Why does Anwar give so much preference to Azmin? What's happening between them? So many people have asked this question before but after what's happening in Sabah, we are also tempted to ask the same,” said the sources.

They also want Anwar to clarify the true nature of the action against the 12 and if he was going against the peace deal brokered last December.

“Any action against the 12 will see PKR suffering fresh turmoil in Sabah and perhaps irrevocable damage,” they said.

Just a formality?

FMT learnt that the show-cause letters were issued in late July and signed by party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

The letters sought explanations from the 12 for their role in the proposed establishment of PCS.

The idea of the new party was mooted by some Sabah PKR leaders following a massive fallout between Jeffrey, PKR vice-president, and Azmin, which resulted in Jeffrey being replaced as the state chief.

However, under a peace plan inked by the party headquarters here, Jeffrey was made responsible for both Sabah and Sarawak and another person was put in charge of the state. Azmin was totally removed from the state lineup.

The peace deal also ensured that there will be no witchhunt against those who had allegedly plotted against the party at that time by aligning themselves with Jeffrey.

A party insider, meanwhile, told FMT that the decision to call the 12 before the disciplinary committee was just procedural and that no action would be taken against them.

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