Wednesday, August 11, 2010

N64 Sarawak “A Fiery Battle”


N64 Sarawak in the next election will see a fiery battle between two known nemesis in Incumbent SUPP YB Andy Chia and DAP Miri Chairman Fong Pau Teck. The above photo speaks for itself and on the gound level it has already sparked some ”reactions”

audie61 was also on site in Miri to see the extend of the devastation where Fire broke out on Sunday night and destroyed 46 houses and made 296 people and 59 families homeless.

DAP Fong asked a very provoking question to YB Andy which was overheard by audie61,”Now,What are you going to do..?” YB being his calm self, though a bit more than being mere agitated, he did not create a scene especially with so much sorrow in evidence.

However he just told the press present,”We have taken immediate relief action and we let our actions do the talking.

The quick action on the night in question especially at the height of the Fire has propelled YB Andy’s negative rating of 49% by the polls conducted on the ground to a much respectable 53% as an incumbent Yb.

According to many political analysts the DAP candidate has indeed shot himself in the foot eventhough he has been seen to be” championing the cause of the people and being the voice of opposition in PUJUT by checking the BN government.”

He has indeed losts a HUGE CHUNK OF HIS GOOD WORK BY THE OUTBREAK OF THE FIRE. He has indeed picked the right time to show..



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