Sunday, August 29, 2010

Any attempt to topple CM will be ‘vigorously opposed’

LAWAS: PBB Youth (Zone 8) will “vigorously oppose” any attempt to pressure party president and Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to retire.

Its leader Awangku Jinal Pengiran Jawa said his movement wanted Taib to continue to helm the state, especially through the coming state election which must be called within 11 months.

“Taib’s leadership is vital for the party and state’s progress. As such, we will vigorously oppose any attempt to pressure Taib to retire,” he said.

Zone 8 comprises four far-flung state constituencies in northern Sarawak, namely Ba’ Kelalan, Bukit Sari, Batu Danau and Bukit Kota.

Taib recently said he was willing to step down if he was no longer wanted by the people, party or the prime minister.

He pointed out that he had wanted to leave in 2006 but was stopped by a chorus of protests in the state.

Awangku Jinal said for the sake of unity and continued development, Taib should stay as the state’s chief executive.

“We want outsiders to be more sensitive and learn from past mistakes in the country. When there is political instability we need to look at things from a wide perspective and not be irrational or view through narrow personal lenses,” he said.

Using Zone 8 as an example, he said it was at one

time isolated from other parts of the state. But under Taib’s leadership and vision, Zone 8 has become a bastion of political strength and economically vibrant.

“Taib has even gained the respect of Brunei and Sabah which were formerly rocked by political instability. Our neighbours are even interested in investing in our energy, agriculture and communication facilities,” he said.

Awangku Jinal said provocations and pressure on Taib should stop.

He questioned why some people were picking on Taib when other old leaders and poverty in places such as Kelantan were never questioned by certain quarters.

Awangku Jinal warned that PBB Zone 8 Youth would not stand idly in the face of such pressure against the chief minister to bow out.

“We will continue to keep an eye on this. If it continues to play out in the local or national media as sensational

news, appropriate action should be taken as this could affect the political and economic security of the people in the state and country,” he said.

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