Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SUPP”Incommunicado President”

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All Hell has broken loose from the coffee shops to the print media and SUPP leaders especially in the central committee are keeping their bargain with the President. The GAG ORDER STAYS…

However it seems others especially component parties are suddenly waking up to the realisation that SUPP might just ‘Walk their Talk” Is always a collective decision in a party and SUPP is no different. They have realised that all is not losts if they adhere to their GRASSROOTS CALL.

It seems theso called tigers who are clinging at SUPP for survival have woken up to the age of “NEW POLITICS” Times have moved on and the ways of doing things are not what it used to be. The younger set of voters and the grasroot supporters sees the party in a different light than their predecessors. New ideas,New challenges,New Ways but always keeping to the principles of the party are ways forward for the party.

President George Chan is incommunicado and only the closest aides know his wherabouts. He does pack a punch when he is driven to the wall and do not underestimate the fighting spirit in the man. Politics they say though,”moves so fast that by the time you blink your eyes another issue is upon us.” U agree right….


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