Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tee claims 'hidden hand' behind sacking

Sunday, 01 August 2010 17:32

PORT KLANG – DAP leader Tee Boon Hock who was sacked yesterday isn't taking things lying down. He fired back today, saying there was a “hidden hand" behind the decision.

“Yes, the DAP disciplinary committee has jumped the gun in making such a premature decision,” the controversial Klang municipal councillor said.

“Such action meted out against me is harsh in nature and unfair. I believe there is a hidden hand in the sacking especially with the upcoming party elections. It might be some people want me out of their path.”

“People must understand that the allegations involves the local council and the investigations are under the purview of the state audit department, it is a state administration matter and not under the DAP party.”

He said the party should have waited for the outcome of the state investigation.

Tee, who is accused of misusing a Selangor exco member’s letterhead to secure contracts for his family and cronies, was sacked from DAP on Saturday.

On July 27, The Star reported that a municipal councillor had allegedly used a state exco member’s official letterhead and seal by writing his own letters of support to obtain contracts for his cronies and a family member.

The councillor, a DAP veteran, is alleged to have secured contracts worth more than RM1mil for 20 companies from the council where he had been serving since July 2008.

Liu had also reportedly confirmed that his letterhead had been misused and that the councillor was now being investigated by the party.

In its expulsion letter addressed to Tee, the disciplinary committee said it had studied the documents it received and verified that there was a basis for the allegations.

Tee also said he had yet to decide on whether to appeal the decision.

In another development, a group of Tee’s supporters gathered outside the Pandamaran DAP office protesting his sacking. They also held banners which criticised the expulsion as unfair.

The group dispersed after about 30 minutes.

Tee was not the only one in trouble. Selangor speaker Teng Chang Khim was in the soup over a tweet he posted concerning Tee's sacking.
Teng has been summoned to a hearing on Aug 12.

DAP disciplinary committee chairman Tan Kok Wai said Teng has been summoned and would need to enlighten the committee on what he meant with the tweet at a hearing fixed for Aug 12.

Teng had tweeted ‘’OMG! Real culprit freed’’ last night after it was announced earlier that Tee would be sacked from DAP with immediate effect.

“The statement is very clear. If he says the real culprit is freed, it means that the innocent one has been punished.

“This is tantamount to questioning the credibility of the DC (disciplinary committee). It means that the DC has acted unfairly and unprofessionally by prosecuting the innocent,” he said at a press conference at DAP headquarters here today.

Tan said Teng, as a party leader and chairman of the Selangor Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency, had the responsibility to uphold the good name of the party as well as to ensure justice was served.

“Teng could provide information to us and name the real culprit.”

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