Monday, March 21, 2011

Road to link southmost tip of Sarawak planned

by Geryl Ogilvy Ruekeith. Posted on March 15, 2011, TuesdayLUNDU: It may not happen in the 10th Malaysia Plan, but the people of Pulau Serabang and Teluk Melano situated at the furthest tip of south Sarawak can expect a proper road connectivity in a few years’ time.
Special Advisor in the Chief Minister’s Department Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem said that the project, when approved, would see the road connected from Kpg Pueh passing through Samunsam Wildlife Sanctuary. The project is part of a proposal to connect all the villages in the Sematan-Lundu area with a road.
“At the moment, only two villages are still left behind due to the distance, which are Pulau Serabang and Teluk Melano. Existing road is only up to the Kpg Pueh youth camp. From this area up to Kpg Datu there is only a small road wide enough for motorcycles.
“This is why I have applied for a project to build a proper road. I have spoken to the relevant authorities so that the road would reach the 1,000 or so Serabang-Melano population. Now we could only wait for the decision,” added the Tanjung Datu assemblyman to reporters after the Tanjung Datu minor rural project (MRP) grant presentation ceremony held at the Lundu district office library hall here on Sunday.

He added that the Pueh-Serabang road, when completed, should only attract further development to the area. The route, an estimated 30 kilometres, would certainly need further discussion with all relevant parties considering that it would go through a wildlife reserve.
“Want the project to be done as soon as possible. The response from the relevant authority is positive. It may not be this year but hopefully the people would be patient and give it a few years as it would be a very big project,” Adenan reminded.
He mentioned that the Public Works Department (PWD) would undertake the project.
Touching on costing, he said: “We have a rough estimation for now although it could not be fully determined. Further study is still needed to learn the conditions of the terrain. However, it would definitely be in the millions.”
In a related matter, Adenan was confident that the Sematan Waterfront and Lundu Riverfront projects would be soon approved to further develop the ‘Opar-Lundu-Sematan Golden Tourism Triangle’ vision.
“Although we already have a waterfront in Sematan, the plan was to extend and improve the infrastructure. When we look at the beaches and mountains from Santubong all the way to Tanjung Datu, these areas have big tourist potentials.
“I believe Tanjung Datu is among the most beautiful area in the whole of Sarawak and its potential should be tapped and developed further. We have national parks, animal sanctuaries, islands and of course the friendly and good hospitality of the people,” he highlighted.
Touching on the plan for a new Lundu market, Adenan stated that is has been approved.
“Some of these projects have been approved while some are still under planning. We intend to implement all the projects as soon as possible. I have talked to the relevant people and they are in favour of the projects. All these projects are big projects and it would cost millions,” he explained.

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