Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chaos if opposition wins’

Posted on March 26, 2011, Saturday

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah
KUCHING: Sarawak is certain to become haywire if the opposition comes to power in the coming state election.

Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said this bleak scenario was possible because the component parties within Pakatan Rakyat (PR) were presently trying to outdo each other in order to become the dominant opposition party.
Their focus is not on serving the interest of the rakyat.
“As the election gets nearer, you can see the real colours of the Opposition leaders. They are power crazy and totally do not have the interest of the rakyat in their agenda,” Abdul Karim said when contacted yesterday.
He said all of them were presently scrambling to contest “like vultures going after their prey”,
with all their earlier mutual understanding cast aside.
“I can’t imagine how haywire it would be if they come into power. So, vote wisely. Don’t give your vote to the chaotic opposition parties,” he urged.
Karim was asked to comment on the breakdown of seat negotiation between the DAP and PKR as announced by state DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen last Thursday.
“I am entrusted to tell you about the sad news in that the meeting for seat negotiation has broken down,” said Chong in a press conference. The meeting, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, only lasted one hour.
In that meeting, the DAP was represented by its state chairman Richard Wong Ho Leng and election bureau chief Tan Kok Wai while PKR was represented by its deputy president Azmin Ali.
Chong blamed “PKR’s insincerity” for the failed final round of the negotiation.
“We give an inch; and they want a foot. Our goodwill was not reciprocated, and that gives us no other choice but to stick to the initial 18 seats,” said Chong, who is also the Kota Sentosa assemblyman.
Abdul Karim said the rakyat should by now be able to see and make their own evaluation on the “crazy and hopeless leaders” in the opposition front.
He pointed out that the state election had not even started yet but they were already fighting among themselves.
“Only disciplined parties like all of us in the BN, which have a good track record and have the people’s welfare at heart, could be our saviour,” he added.
Meanwhile the PBB vice Youth chief Pandi Suhaili said the state PKR leaders should forget about contesting in the
state election until it could resolve its leadership crisis.
“We in the Youth wing of PBB are not afraid of PKR because we strongly believe that we would emerge as the victorious party if we were to fight heads on with the party (PKR).
“However, since there are already too many evidence that shows the party (PKR) is actually being remote-controlled by the party central, we believe that (the party state liaison chief) Baru (Bian) and his boys should resolve this issue first before contesting against us (BN) in the state election.
“This is because we are confident that they are going to lose their deposits in all seats if they fail to resolve this issue.”

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