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By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
June 09, 2011

Sime Darby signs anti-corruption pledge
 KUALA LUMPUR, June 9 Troubled government conglomerate Sime Darby Berhad today signed a corporate integrity pledge with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as part of its efforts toward rehabilitating its image.
However, MACC chief Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed explained that the pledge was voluntary and non-regulating.
This pledge is voluntary. They will come out with what they are going to do for this year. Then they will report to us about what they have done.
We are going to discuss but it depends on company policy whether the report is going to be made public. But what is important is that the company is doing something concurrent with government policy, he told reporters today.

steadyaku47 comment:

Is this for real? Sime Darby signing a corporate integrity pledge? What does that pledge entails? Same as PDRM pledge to do away with corruption?

which over time became this:


It did not really take that long to go from saya anti rasuah to saya nanti rasuah more like two shakes of a monkey tails..if you get my drift.

What about this pledge on the right to Oil Royalty for Kelantan?

The Petroleum Development Act is thus of unusual significance. It makes possible an agreement whereby the State Government first vests irrevocably all its powers, liberties and privileges in respect of Petroleum lying onshore or offshore of its territory in PETRONAS. In return says a second agreement, PETRONAS shall make to the Government a cash payment in the form of a yearly sum amounting to 5% of of the value of the petroleum won and saved in Kelantan and sold by Petronas or its agents or contractors.

It is very clear that PETRONAS is bound to these ag! reements just as the State Government of Kelantan is, and therefore that PETRONAS must pay the Kelantan State Government the cash payment of 5% of the value of petroleum resources extracted from Malaysian waters offshore of Kelantan.

As Tengku Razliegh noted: "We have forgotten that the states existed prior to the Federation. The Federation only exists because the states were willing to vest their rights in it, such as their rights in oil. Not the other way around. The Federation itself rests on the principle of fairness to all the states, and to all our citizens, wherever they live. When the government of the day ignores this principle, it is ignoring a basic principle holding our country together.

In as far as the BN government of the day is concern, the pledge to pay the 5% oil royalty to Kelantan is applicable as long as Kelantan is under Barisan Nasional rule. No BN state government. No oil royalty.

Here is a pledge from Najib made most probably when he was floating in one of his "transformation" cloud!

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