Saturday, June 25, 2011

DAP Sarawak stirs racial issue

Posted on June 24, 2011, Friday
KUALA LUMPUR: The Sarawak DAP’s refusal to don the ceremonial attire and headgear or ‘songkok’ during the opening of the Sarawak
State Assembly sitting boils back to its practice of inciting racial sentiments among the Chinese society in the country, said MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.
He said in the past, the DAP never failed to condemn the MCA for donning the headgear or songkok during the opening ceremony of any legislative assembly be it at Parliament or at the state level.
“The DAP never could comprehend that wearing the songkok was in line with decorum and respect and had nothing to do with bowing to racial hegemony.
Wearing the songkok should not be dragged into a racial argument which the DAP seems to be fanning,” he said in a statement issued here today.
He said while the Selangor and Penang DAP had backed down from their past ways of refusing to put on the songkok, Sarawak DAP remained obstinate in rejecting the  songkok and blaming it on the Speaker’s previous ruling.
“Within the opposition itself, its leaders do not hold common values. This lack of cohesion is more obvious between DAP and PKR Sarawak where PKR opted to wear the songkok,” he said.
Kong, who is also Transport Minister said if for such a simple matter DAP and PKR were unable to reach a clear understanding, both parties would not be able to work as a team and unlikely capable of taking over the federal government.
“The acrimony between DAP Sarawak’s (chairman) Wong Ho Leng and PKR Sarawak’s (Chief) Baru Bian is no secret when Wong betrayed and removed Baru Bian as the ‘shadow opposition leader’ despite touting him as the next Chief Minister during the state election campaign,” he said.
Therefore, Kong said, it would be interesting to see what the main body of PAS and PKR had to say regarding their partner DAP’s inconsistency on donning the songkok as the PAS Youth had openly chided DAP Sarawak for not wearing the ceremonial attire and headgear (Songkok) during the opening ceremony.
“Considering the divergent ideologies that all three Pakatan Rakyat parties hold, one can’t help foresee instability within the civil service and among the rakyat throughout the country as the opposition would be issuing conflicting instructions at every occasion and policy,” he said.
During the opening ceremony for the first Sarawak assembly sitting after the April 16 state election, the 12 newly-elected DAP representatives turned up in dark suites unlike the other elected representatives who were in full ceremonial attire and headgear.
The state DAP claimed that they decided not to wear the ceremonial attire as such attire would cost about RM2,000 a piece. – Bernama

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