Sunday, April 24, 2011

MCA vice-president told to apologise to CM

by Saiful Bahari. Posted on April 23, 2011, Saturday

PLEASE APOLOGISE, SIR: Zuraimi (second right) holding the newspaper cutting which published Gan’s statement whilst asking him to apologise to the Chief Minister. Also seen are some members of the Gerak Gempur N6 Tupong.
KUCHING: Gerak Gempur N6 Tupong yesterday demanded MCA vice-president Senator Gan Ping Sieu to apologise to Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud and the people of Sarawak for his public outburst through a national daily on April 21.
According to Gerak Gempur N6 Tupong chairman Ahmad Zuraimi Sakawi, the call made by Gan has no basis as the chief minister had proven his true capability by leading the Barisan Nasional (BN) to victory in the just concluded election by winning two-third majority.
“We were hurt by Gan’s statement and believed that it should not have came out from the mouth of a Barisan Nasional leader like him,” Zuraimi told a press conference yesterday.
He added that the disastrous result for SUPP in Chinese-majority seats was not the yardstick to measure Taib’s leadership ability.
On the other hand SUPP must find a solution from within its own party to win back the heart and mind of the Chinese voters.
“His (Gan) statement will pave the way for opposition parties to criticise and divide Barisan Nasional supporters. We at Gerak Gempur N6 Tupong believe that he should be looking into the matters of the MCA and not to simply intervene in Sarawak politics,” he said.
Zuraimi later on stressed that Taib should not be distracted by similar calls as he needed to focus on other important matters which include a smooth power transfer just as he had promised to take place during the middle of the current state legislative assembly (DUN) term.
Gan, who is also the Deputy Youth and Sports Minister on Thursday urged the chief minister to pass the baton to another Barisan leader as soon as possible as it was the first time ever in Sarawak’s history that the Chinese community had rejected Taib’s leadership.
He also said that MCA would need to consider its position in federal and state government if the party was rejected by the Chinese community in the coming general election.

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