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YB Tan Sri James Masing exposes DAP 'Hitlerite' tactics in DUN Sarawak 23 Mei

Jangan Lawan Tauke (Do Not Fight the Boss)
Finally, Tuan Speaker, I would like to respond to the issue raised by Ahli Yang
Berhormat for Dudong, Ahli Yang Berhormat for Kota Sentosa, Ahli Yang Berhormat for
Bukit Assek and Ahli Yang Berhormat for Meluan on the phraseology of “Jangan Lawan
Tauke”, or in English its simply means “Do Not Fight the Boss”. The argument on this
phraseology is whether a polemic exercise “the go to nowhere to me” but since some
members of the opposition as hooked on these phrase I shall deal with it in some lane.
While I am having this floor I would like to advise member of the opposition, I
was about to say especially member for Bukit Assek but he is not here. Please do not
speak for the sake of speaking, do not stand for the sake of standing. Please listen. May
be along the way you may learn something new.
Tuan Speaker, I have to do my refill, I have to do my refill. Mesti isi minyak dulu
Tuan Speaker: Honourable Minister I think you better address the chair. So there is no
direct obligation and any Members of Opposition who want to raise that is the proper
Menteri Kemajuan Tanah (Y.B. Tan Sri Dr. James Jemut anak Masing): Thank you,
Tuan Speaker. Sorry, I was isi minyak dulu, I lupa tadi, thank you. Tuan Speaker, I want
Members of the Opposition to realize, once and for all, that Ahli Yang Berhormat from
this side of the House understand the interplay of power between the voters, elected
representatives and the administrators; administrators in this case refer to the Ministers
or Government of the day. Members of the opposition especially those from DAP,
cannot pretend to be ignorant of the consequences of fighting the boss; nor can they
claim to be non participants of this complex inter play of power within the practices of
parliamentary democracy.

When I hear this phrase of Do not Fight the Boss (Jangan Lawan Tauke),I
cannot help thinking of Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, a very well respected
Malay politician, who was until a few days ago, a DAP National Vice-Chairman. He
fought the boss in DAP by daring to be different. Consequently, he was reprimanded.
Being a man of high integrity, he could not stand it and finally quit. There is also a case
of a State Assemblyman of Bentayan in Johor, YB Gwee Tiong Hiang, who fought the



23 MEI 2012

Boss and was suspended for 6 months. And there is also another case of six, keep quite
first, please. And there is another case of six DAP branch leaders from Bentayan
Branch, (namely: Lim Kem Wat, Khoo Ah Huat, Tay Kee Yan, Gwee Suh Mei, excuse
my pronounciation, most of them are Chinese by the way, Stephen Lim Yong How and
Teo Choon Sieng) also from Johor who were suspended for two years for fighting the

Closer to home, Tuan Speaker, there is also a case of the former state
assemblyman of Batu Lintang, Voon Lee Shan, who dared to be different. And he was
not nominated to stand. My colleague, since DAP has been quite, please, give the floor
first. There are strings of credible elected representatives from the opposition who dared

to be different and were either sacked from the party or forced to quit in disgust.

Menteri Kemajuan Tanah (Y.B. Tan Sri Dr. James Jemut anak Masing): Ooi Kee
Tuan Speaker: Ooi Kee Beng.
Menteri Kemajuan Tanah (Y.B. Tan Sri Dr. James Jemut anak Masing): Ooi Kee
Beng wrote a biographical sketch of Lim Kit Siang entitled: The Right to Differ. In this
book Lim Kit Siang said in the first parliament sitting one year after the racial riot of
1969. These is what he said, these is what he wrote:
“... despite our fears and despite the threat, we had to go in there do our duty, and say
what we had to say”
Then Lim Kit Siang continued to say that “DAP, must fight against any form of
curtailment of criticism and dissent”. However Tuan Speaker, with strings of sacking by
DAP and resignations from the party, it appears that leaders in DAP do not walk the talk.
A Malay proverb says; “Cakap tak serupa bikin”
Elected Representatives cum Voters
Tuan Speaker, if I may continue, allow me to quote you these numbers, this is
not 4D, these numbers: 216/56/02, 202/25/05 and 202/26/03/. These are numbers in the
electoral roll which belongs to a James Jemut Masing, Mong anak Dagang and Frusis
anak Lebi, respectively. These three people, Tuan Speaker, are voters in Sarawak.
As I am a registered voter under 216/56/02 and hence as rakyat of Sarawak, I do
have my rights. I have the right to vote for a political party, I have the right to vote for the
leader of my choice. I have the right to criticize on things I do not agree with. Allow me
then, Tuan Speaker, to exercise those rights and express my opinions on manners in
which this Barisan Nasional Government discharges its responsibilities to its citizens.
These rights are not alienated only to Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU)! Such rights
are alienated to all Malaysians including members of this administration and members of
these august House. The voters of Rumah Anyai (Entulang, Sri Aman) where Frusis
anak Lebi resides, are happy in the manner in which the Barisan Nasional government
has given OKU Frusis anak Lebi, assistance over the years (since 1982) with a total sum
of more than RM72,000. With this generous assistance from the Government, Frusis
anak Lebi, is now earning an income of more than RM2000/month. Today he has a good
house, he has a van and other facilities made available to him.

As a voter and a citizen of this country, I am proud of what Barisan Nasional
Government has done to make it possible for OKU Frusis anak Lebi to earn a decent



23 MEI 2012

income. This is, Tuan Speaker, a sign of a responsible Government, administered by
responsible elected representatives.

However, what make me as a voter very unhappy, is that this Barisan Nasional
Government continued to give assistance to this Frusis anak Lebi even though he earns
more than RM2000/month. He was no longer in need of welfare assistance. There are
more deserving cases which need Government assistance. Therefore, when Barisan
Nasional Government stopped giving assistance to Frusis ak Lebi last year, I, as a voter
thought that it was a reasonable decision.

What I cannot understand however, as a voter and a rakyat, Tuan Speaker, is

why Members of the Opposition create such a fuss when the Government stopped
giving assistance to a person who does not deserve it any more.
Kapit OKU Case
Tuan Speaker, allow me to continue along this line by relating to this House of
one OKU case in Kapit by the name of Valentine Ali anak Bubong. Ali is 68 years old. He
stands at 109 cm (just over three feet tall) and weight 26 kg. He is a midget. He lives
alone. A few years ago he was found sleeping in a card board box at a market place in
Kapit. Do you know why sir? Because he has no place called home.
Ali was not always this poor. In his younger days he earned for himself a decent
income. He had a Class F company which earned for him a reasonably good income
until one day his partner cheated him resulting in his Class F Company being blacklisted.
Consequently, Ali has no company, he has no income and he is no place to stay.
A few years ago I was told of Ali.s predicament. So I rented him a place, helped
him to apply for monthly financial assistance of RM300 per month from the Welfare
Department, and through my help and with the help of some kind hearted souls,
Valentine Ali is now a proud owner of a house. When I offered Ali a help, I never asked
for his political affiliation. He needed help, so I offered him my help.
Over the years, Tuan Speaker, I had rendered assistance to many people, one of
which was to a young Chinese family in Kota Sentosa whose business was in serious
trouble with the authority for illegally trading at a wrong location, and a shopkeeper in
Kuching who was in need of street lights. In rendering this assistance, I never asked for
their political affiliation. I offered my help because help was asked.
Tuan Speaker, all of us in this august House are wearing two hats: both as Wakil
Rakyat and a voter; and short we are boss and voter rolled up in one. There is, however
Tuan Speaker, a marked difference between Members of the Opposition and Barisan
Nasional elected representatives. Barisan Nasional elected representatives are chosen
by the voters to look after their (voters) welfare for the next 5 years, while members of
the opposition are forced by the voters, for lack of majority support, to be in the
opposition and that what you are today.

In carrying out your responsibilities as opposition, you must do it with proper
decorum, dignity, sincerity, and above all do not make a Public Nuisance of yourselves,
in or out of this House. We from this side of the House will listen to your problems and
arguments and will act on them if we found them to be reasonable and beneficial to the



23 MEI 2012

I am pleased to note, Tuan Speaker, that there are members of the opposition
who speak well and make well meaning criticisms and suggestions. This government will
listen to these suggestions and take appropriate action.

After all, we are elected to this House with one sole purpose that is for the
betterment of this country. Methods of achieving it may differ, but the end goal is the
same. Let us do it in manners which are amicable, manageable and goal achieving

Menteri Kemajuan Tanah (Y.B. Tan Sri Dr. James Jemut anak Masing): Thank you,
Opposition you are being very nice and very quite. Okay now you, I tell you do not stand

do for the sake of standing. No speak for the sake of speaking. Not yet, I haven.t. I
haven.t finish yet … (Interruption)(Inaudible) (Laughter)
Menteri Kemajuan Tanah (Y.B. Tan Sri Dr. James Jemut anak Masing): A few days
ago Tuan Speaker, I read a book with a very sadistic title by Andy Andrews entitled:
“How do you kill one million people”. However there is one section in this book on Hitler.s
rise to power in Germany that I would like to share with members in this House, since
PRU 13 is just round the corner and many speakers will say their piece in trying to
influence the voters. All of us know that Hitler was one of the most powerful and
influential speakers of his time. How did he do it? According to this book Hitler used
tailored his speeches according to his audience. This what the book says, I quote from
the book:
“In agriculture areas, he pledged tax cuts for farmers and new laws to
protect food prices. In working class neighbourhoods, he talked about
redistribution of wealth and attacked the high profits generated by
business owners. When he appeared before financiers or captain of
industry, Hitler focused on his plans to destroy communism and reduced
the power of trade unions. Hitler then said to his inner circle. This is what
he said:
“How fortunate for leade, that men do not think. Make the lie big, make it
simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. The great
masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one.”

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