Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Democratic Action Party or Dictator Action Party?

Democratic Action Comes To Tunku Aziz

Well, the DAP has kicked out Tunku Aziz as their Senator from Penang. Tunku Aziz did not want to dance too much to the DAP tune.  He did not want to be a House Negro.

One of my commentors said that is what has been going on in the BN. I really beg to differ. There are 17 Chinese Ministers and Deputy Ministers in our Cabinet now, at a time when most Chinese BN reps were kicked out by Chinese voters in 2008. 

Despite being kicked out, the BN power sharing formula has recognised that we need Chinese representation in Cabinet. Chinese Ministers who lost like Koh Tsu Koon were made Senators and given Cabinet posts as well.  Looking at the PKFZ scandal, the Minitry of Tourism and such the Chinese Ministers are not House Negroes at all.

During the corrupt regime of Slumberjack, Nazri Aziz came down hard on that MIC Indian MP and had him suspended for 6 months from Parliament. As a result Slumberjack got kicked out as well - by UMNO. Yes guys, we kicked him out. Not you. 

Anyway here is The Star about Tunku Aziz being kicked out 

Don replaces Tunku Aziz

  • GEORGE TOWN: DAP's first senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim, who was critical of the Bersih 3.0 rally, has been replaced.
  • Tunku Aziz, who is also DAP vice-chairman said :  “I wish to serve for three more years, but after being provoked and for what I said, that will not happen now”. 
  • Tunku Aziz .. said that “it was a small price to pay”.
  • The Transparency International Malaysia's founding president had spoken out against the rally before it was held on April 28, fearing that it might turn violent.  He was then publicly censured by his party.

Well democratic action has been taken against Tunku Aziz by the Democratic Action Party. They kicked him out.

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