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Dance to the DAP's tune...or else

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Thursday, May 10, 2012
One blogger says Malay members of the DAP such as Aspan Alias (left) and Ariff Sabri Aziz have to be careful what they say, or they could find themselves being shut out like Tunku Abdul Aziz was over his opposition to the recent Bersih rally.
KUALA LUMPUR: Outspoken socio-political blogger Syed Akbar Ali said today that the removal of Tunku Abdul Aziz as a senator in Penang is a prime example of what will happen to Malay DAP members who do not dance to the party’s tune.

Syed wrote in his blog Outsyed the Box that while the ruling Barisan Nasional has been accused of making minority members – namely Chinese – dance to its tune or risk being shut out, it is in fact the DAP which is guilty of such conduct, not BN.

“One of my commenters said that is what has been going on in the BN. I really beg to differ. There are 17 Chinese Ministers and Deputy Ministers in our Cabinet now, at a time when most Chinese BN reps were kicked out by Chinese voters in 2008,” he said.

"There is more crap hitting the fan about the DAP," Syed said, referring to a letter written by Damansara Utama assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin, in which he exposed what he called a “comedy of errors” in Pakatan Rakyat’s administration in Selangor.

The blogger suggested Cheah’s letter showed Malays were subservient to Chinese in Pakatan Rakyat, and that what happened to Tunku Abdul Aziz was also indicative of this.

“So if people like Tunku Aziz suddenly start talking like OutSyed The Box, the DAP will not tolerate him. That is why they have kicked out Tunku Aziz from the Senatorship. Poor guy, he says he wanted to be a Senator for three more years.  They will just use and abuse your name for their benefit. To pull the wool over the peoples' eyes,” he said.

“I agree with the observation that Malays who join DAP are stupid. Stupid because they’re fooled by the DAP,” Syed said.

He said now Aspan Alias and Sakmongkol (the blogging alias of Malay DAP member Dato' Mohd. Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz) cannot do anything.

Syed said they have to just keep quiet: "Even if he wants to speak, Aspan has to prequalify every single statement he makes with ‘this is my personal opinion only".

Addressing Aspan directly, Syed said, “You were in Umno for what, 30 years? Tell me, during all those 30 years that you were in Umno how many times have you had to say, ‘this is my personal opinion only’ for anything that you said? I don’t think you ever used the phrase ‘this is my personal opinion only’ when you were in Umno.”

“Now, you’ve only been in DAP a few months, and you’re already scared like a mouse,” he said. It is sad to hear an eloquent person like you having to say so many times 'this is my personal opinion only'.”

“Why bro? You are afraid that if you don’t say 'it is my personal opinion' then the DAP Chinese will kick you out as well?” Syed asked.

Syed said if Aspan wants to remain a DAP member he should read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

“It tells you how the House Negroes were forced to behave when they were slaves to the white people in the US. When the white people told them to dance, the House Negroes would dance. When they told them to sing they would sing,” he said.  

"The DAP has kicked out Tunku Aziz as Senator. That is as far as Tunku Aziz will go in the DAP. You have served your House Negro functions Tunku. You can go sleep in the barn now,” Syed said.

The blogger said Aspan should take note of the fate of not only Tunku Abdul Aziz, but also Dr Cheah, who was to be “quizzed” over his letter.

“Will he get kicked out as well? No way. He is only going to be quizzed,” Syed said.

“Aspan, please observe carefully what happens to Dr Cheah,” the blogger said, adding "he’ll surely make it. But Tunku Aziz got kicked out.”

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