Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moggie, Linggi pay tribute to Wong

Posted on July 20, 2011, Wednesday
KUCHING: Former energy, telecommunication and post minister Tan Sri Leo Moggie has described the late Datuk Amar James Wong Kim Min as “a real gentleman politician”.
Moggie who was among those present to pay their last respects to the deceased yesterday told pressmen that Wong would be remembered well for the role he played in the formation of Malaysia and also for being a gentleman.
“James (Wong) was a real gentleman and as we all know he played a very important role in the formation of Malaysia and in the early part of Sarawak in Malaysia.
“I had the privilege of working with him when we were in Sarawak National Party (SNAP). He was then deputy president while I was the secretary general … we had some disagreement politically at one time but nevertheless we always maintained a respectful friendship,” he said.
Moggie was referring to the leadership crisis in SNAP in early 80’s which led to the formation of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) of which he was later made the president.
He left SNAP and formed PBDS after he was defeated by Wong in the contest for the SNAP president’s post then.
Moggie said despite the political differences they had always remained as friends and for that he regarded Wong as a gentleman politician, great person and very honourable.
“He was a great man and a friend always so his death is a real loss to the state,” said Moggie, who is
Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) chairman.
Meanwhile, corporate figure Tan Sri Leonard Linggi Jugah said Wong’s demise was a great loss as he was a great Sarawakian.
“He was a nation builder, a patriot and someone who was more than a statesman. Therefore his demise is not just a great loss to the family but also to the state.

“Being the last surviving member of the founding team for the formation of Malaysia before his death his passing on is a sad day for Sarawak,” he said.
He suggested that the young generation learn something from the deceased, especially on how he had put the interest of the state and nation above all things.
“Maybe this will be a good lesson for us who are still around to learn. I mean it is good for the young generation to study his history and way of doing things,” he said.
Moggie and Linggi were among those who came early to give their last respects to the late Wong at his home in Jalan Tengah here.

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