Monday, July 4, 2011

Bring your grievances to the polls - Daud Rahman

Posted on July 2, 2011, Saturday
KUCHING: Participants in illegal rallies are told to bring their grievances to the upcoming general election (GE) if necessary, said Assistant Minister in Islamic Affairs Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman.
He said there is no need to conduct street demonstrations in Malaysia and in the state particularly, as that is not the way problems are resolved in Malaysia.
“If they are not satisfied with the system, they can voice it out during GE or to their representatives. This is a democratic country and they have the right to do so,” he told the media after officiating at the closing ceremony of cooperative month cum launching of orchid garden and the newly renovated Laila Taib foyer at SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman yesterday.
He said election period is the best place for people to choose whoever they think could represent them and bring their matters to the Parliament or State Legislative Assembly.
“This is a free country. The rakyat can choose whoever they want to voice out their opinions… not on the streets,” he said.
Yesterday, police have identified a few individuals and non-government organisations (NGOs) planning to organise or participate in the unlawful Bersih 2.0 rallies in the state on July 9.
He also warned civil servants and university students not to take part in the rally as the consequence might jeopardise their careers.
“We will monitor civil servants who intend to join the rally, if any. If caught, we will not hesitate to take action. For university students, I hope they just focus on their studies and not to get involved,” he added.
Daud said those dissatisfied group who are trying to instigate hatred against the government are advised not to spread lies to students and other civil servants.
“If they think the government is not ‘clean’ (Bersih) enough, well, we won the last election and rule again, isn’t that a clear indication that the people still want the present government? We do not need to be told to clean up … we are all clean,” said Daud, adding that BN government will be working harder to better the rakyat’s lot.
On corruption issue, Daud told protesters to use the right channel such as Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency (MACC) to exercise their power in a right manner.
“If they use the right channel, we do not mind at all. Better still, they can bring the matter to the Parliament,” he said.
On the issue of Halal Act, Daud said the proposed act is expected to be ready by year-end to provide Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) with enforcement power.
Under the Act, Jakim enforcement will be empowered to carry out inspection and confiscate products from any operation pertaining to halal requirements.

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