Saturday, July 31, 2010

SUPP Bengoh critics urged to show face

SUPP Bengoh Branch secretary, Liu Thian Leong

KUCHING – Secretary of the SUPP Bengoh Branch, Liu Thian Leong today hit out at critics who criticised the Youth Chairman and the other 13 members who had quit SUPP.

Branding the critics as cowards without a face, Liu said the 14 who had left the party was not due to some small position which they were unable to get.

“Even the post of Penghulu was offered in Bengoh but there was no taker as the job itself is tough. It was even offered to me but I turned it down,” he said.

14 members led by Bengoh Youth Chairman, Lee Chee Fui resigned on Sunday, Liu said a lot of people had come out to complain and to spread malicious speculation about them.

“A lot of my friends also asked me why I did not resigned that day,” he said.

Liu said the Chinese papers was splashed with gossip about them and it was alleged that this SUPP member said this, that SUPP members said that and all were without a name or a face.

“If it were true these were SUPP members, come out openly and tell us in the face instead of hiding behind the pseudonym of being a SUPP member. Don’t be a coward,” he said.

Calling these people apple polisher who were greedy themselves for post and positions, Liu said these are the same people who would never said the party leaders had done wrong.

“I dare them to come out in the open,” he added.

Liu said if he and the others were merely interested in positions, they would not have come out in the open to tell the party leaders of their wrong doing.

“We are not interested in Kapitans or Pemanca or whatever. We want the party leadership to change for the better,” he said.

Saying that he would go when the time is right, he said he would not say anything.

“I will just hand in my resignation letter and that is it. I don’t need any rumour-mongers to start their speculation,” he said.

He pointed out that he has been in the party for 20 years. The other 14 had contribute tremendously towards the party. So why should the party not appreciate them of what they had done but kept hitting out at them, he said.

sarawakupdate 31/7/2010

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