Sunday, July 25, 2010

14 SUPP Bengoh branch members quit

We quit... Bengoh branch members showing their resignation letter

KUCHING – Fourteen SUPP Bengoh branch members including its’ Youth Chairman, Lee Chee Fui announce their decision to quit the party today.

In a press conference held at the Four Points Sheraton, Lee with a group of party members said they decided to quit the party out of love for SUPP and could not bear to see the party going downhill due to the Central party leadership.

Lee who just flown in from KL was flanked by his Youth Secretary, Chong Jit Leong and Treasurer Chang Hon Hiung said he is in his 7th year as a MPP Councillor and will also quit the post too.

He said the decision made by them was a painful one but their main motive was to show to the party leaders the seriousness of the situation.

Both Chong, Lee and Bengoh Secretary, Liu Thian Leong received showcause letters for speaking against the party late last month.

Although a meeting was held between President Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri George Chan and Secretary General, Senator Datuk Sim Kheng Hui on July 14, Chan has considered the case resolved without any discipline action taken against them.

Lee said they were not out to destroy the party but more of showing the party leaders their stand on what they thought of the party leadership.

He said they were forced to take such a drastic action to quit the party as whatever they have brought up their grievances, it went unheard and unsolved.

Chang echoed and said, “What happen to the Forward Plan after we lost heavily? Why was there no change in the party leadership as promised during the Triennial Delegates conference? Why was some party members so ashame of being known as SUPP members,” he asked.

Reading from a Mandarin statement, Lee said the party leaders never listen to the grassroot voices but on the top level, they were enjoying their own lifestyles. He said they were all sad to make such a decision and was not out to destroy the party.

“Who knows if the party is ready to reform and change, we may come back,” he added.

Asked if Bengoh Chairman who is the State Assemblyman there, Dr. Jerip Susil knew of their intention, Lee said he should know but the decision was made by them and they all have a good working relationship with Jerip.

The resignation letters, he said would be handed over to the Party secretary immediately after the press conference.

The group also signed a book , Memorial of Tan Sri Stephen Yong, which they said they wanted to give to Chan as a farewell present. They wanted Chan to read and know what a great leader should do.

Bengoh Secretary, Liu Thian Leong who is also the Sub branch chairman of Siniawan was not at the press conference.

When contacted, Liu said the decision to quit was sudden and he has no time to think it over.

He said he would not make any decision at the moment and understood why the youth members were so unhappy.

Liu also expressed his disappointment with the party leaders and said that quitting is not the answer to solve the problems in the party. He refused to commit himself to say he is staying. “Just say I have yet to make up my mind,”

When contacted, Party President Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri George Chan said he was sorry that it has happened but he has already bend backwards for the Bengoh branch.

“After all the hu-ha, I have called them in to explain the situation and if they still want to resign, there is nothing I can do,” he said.

Chan said he cannot be giving out position to every branches who asked for it.

“Everyone will have their turn and Richard Riot waited for his turn to be the Deputy Minister,” he added.

He urged other party members to stay calm over the decision made by Bengoh.

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