Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Usul Penghargaan atas Ucapan TYT YDP Sarawak

[Jawapan-Jawapan Daripada Menteri-Menteri]
Tuan Speaker: Untuk menyampaikan ucapan penggulungan pada pagi ini, saya dengan
hormatnya menjemput Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji
Satem, Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas untuk
menyampaikan ucapan penggulungan.
Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas (Y.B. Tan Sri
Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem): Thank you, Tuan Speaker. First of all, I
would like to associate myself with other Honourable Members of this house to express
their gratitude and appreciation to our Tuan Yang Terutama for addressing our Dewan in
the early part of last week.
I also would like to congratulate the DAP for winning five seats in the last
Parlimentary Election in Sarawak. Wait, wait. Don‟t be too hurry to cheer yourself and of
course PKR for winning one and only one seat. Though the leader of PKR, my good
friend Yang Berhormat from Ba‟ Kelalan predicted that they are going to win, PAKATAN
are going to win between 10 to 13 seats. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, it
did not turn out that way and they landed only with six seats. I hear that the opposition

also congratulated the Barisan Nasional for winning 25 seats which is quite substantial.
As far as the DAP and PAKATAN is concerned, we congratulate them because we
accept the verdict of the people. Unlike someone else that you know, who refused to
accept the verdict of the people.
Eventhough there is provision in our law to say that if you are not happy with the
outcome of the election, you can go by election petition not by demonstrating in the
streets, trying to intimidate the Government duly elected by the people. There must have
been talk about Arab‟s spring and all that, that they want to equate, some people was
saying Arab‟s spring by huge demonstration, they want to intimidate the Government.
Let me say here that one, we are not Arab. Two, this is not the Government of Husni
Mubarak or Muamar Gadaffi. We are not, we are the Government elected by the people,
is the Government for the people, by the people and of the people. So I think that it is a
waste of time to express dissatisfaction with election as far as the present law is
concerned. I will deal with this matter later on but first, let me deal with matters which are
dear to my heart, which is under the special function portfolio relating to the
environment, relating to foresty conservation, relating to Orang Utan, relating to
perimeter survey of native customary right land and other related subjects.
Let me first talk about Forest Conservation in Sarawak.
Forest Conservation in Sarawak
We have outlined strategies for Sarawak to be a developed State with a high
income economy in year 2030 through sustainable development. It is not just
development, it is sustainable development. The main focus is to commercialise and
sustainably develop the land and forest resources. Hence, the State will ensure that all
the development activities comply with international standard to minimize the
environmental impact.
Since 1950‟s, the State Government emphasized the importance of conservation
program in forest management. Hence, the Government had formulated policy and
several laws such as The Statement of Forests Policy, which is since Colonial 1954; The
Forests Ordinance, Cap. 126; The Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998; Natural
Resources and Environment Ordinance, 1993; Sarawak Rivers Ordinance, 1993; Water
Ordinance, 1994; Sarawak Forestry Corporation Ordinance, 1995; The National Parks
and Nature Reserves Ordinance, 1998; and Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Ordinance,
1998. Now, this rows of related legislation, which continues from colonial time indicated
that the Government is very serious about forest conservation. It is not just for show that
they are serious about it and we have made substantial right in this area. To ensure that
the forest resources are sustainably managed, we had implemented such integrated
conservation programmes and activities for flora and fauna, including environmental and
ecological resources.
The State Government has a clear Land Use Policy which takes into account all
aspects of economic development, social well-being and environmental integrity. This
policy encompasses three aspects, i.e. forestry, agriculture and other land uses.
For instants, with relation to forestry, we have targeted six million hectares of
forest areas as Permanent Forest Estates (PFEs) and one million hectares as Totally
Protected Areas (TPAs). To date, the Government has achieved 73% of the target for
PFEs with area coverage of about 4.45 million hectares. Whereas for Totally Protected
Areas, the achievement is 57% of the target, consisting of 40 areas for National Parks,
Wildlife Sanctuaries and Nature Reserves which cover a total land area of 568,456
hectares, and in addition there to, about 206,344 hectares of water bodies has been
gazetted as Totally Protected Areas. Hence, a total of 774,800 hectares had been
gazetted as Totally Protected Areas.
Within the last three years, we have constituted Bungo Range National Park, Ulu
Sebuyau National Park, Sampadi National Park, Gunung Mulu National Park (Extension
I and II), Gunung Buda National Park (Extension 1) and Bukit Lima Nature Reserve. And
currently, another 734,246 hectares of new areas had been proposed and are in the
initial stage of gazettement.
Admittedly, the process of constituting PFEs and TPAs takes a long period of
time due to the need to comply with the related laws and procedures. The gazettement
of those areas can only take place after the interests of all stakeholders have been
considered. However, efforts will continue until the targets are achieved.
Ulu Sungai Menyang as a Conservation Area for Orang Utan
In particular and with reference to Orang Utan a globally significant population of
about 200 of the world‟s rarest Bornean orang utans (sub species Pongo pygmaeus
pygmaeus) has been found in Ulu Sungai Menyang, close to Batang Ai National Park,
Sri Aman covering an area of about 14,000 hectares. According to a report by Wich et
al., 2008, this sub-species is listed as the most severely threatened wildlife worldwide, a
total population of 3,000-4,500. A population of about 2,000 live in Batang Ai National
Park and Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary based on study done by Forest Department
Sarawak and Wildlife Conservation Society.
Forest Department with the cooperation of Sarawak Forestry Corporation, World
Conservation Society and Borneo Adventure conducted a comprehensive nest survey to
determine the existence of orang utan within the Menyang landscape. A total of 995
nests were found in the area and another 199 nests were detected from aerial survey.
Fresh nests were found in all transects indicating the recent use of the area by this rare
orang utan species.
With these findings, the Government has decided to protect this area for the
conservation of orang utan. We consider this area as a High Conservation Value Forest
The Forest Department will engage with the local communities and other key
stakeholders to explore conservation options without compromising the interest and
needs of the local community. This should address the concerns raised by Ahli Yang
Berhormat for Batang Ai.
The relevant Government agencies will collaborate with local communities and
private sectors to develop the ecotourism potential to improve community livelihood in
the Sungai Menyang landscape. This area will be recognized for its natural orang utan
habitat. We took note that some ecotourism activities have already been going on in this
Bako-Buntal Bay as Site Of The Flyway Site Network In Sarawak
Tuan Speaker, during the Second Session of the 17th State Legislative
Assembly, this august House had been informed on the nomination of Bako-Buntal Bay
in The East Asian-Australasian Flyway Site Network. All that mean is we want it to be a
transit point for migratory bird from the North coming South to winter in the South, during
part the other North Borneo for this particular transit. They stay for a while at the BakoBuntal Bay. We want to declare that area as a bird sanctuary. I am pleased to inform
that the nomination has been approved. We are indeed proud that this conservation
effort in Sarawak has received international recognition.
Tuan Speaker: Yang Berhormat, we have been advised by the technician, for you to
come nearer to your microphone.
Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas (Y.B Tan Sri
Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem): I am sorry I cannot speak as loudly as I
used to. I am pleased to inform that the nomination has been approved. We are indeed
proud that this conservation effort in Sarawak has received international recognition. The
fact that migratory birds continue to use Bako-Buntal Bay as transit site before
continuing their journey to the south or north during winter is proof of the effectiveness of
the conservation programmes by the State.
As a result of the Bako-Buntal Bay being accepted as member of EAAFP, it is
now recognized by the world as Important Birds Area (IBA). This will generate a lot of
interests among bird watchers and tourists. The State can leverage on this recognition to
develop ecotourism based on bird-watching. The other spin-offs to these are the
development of other economic activities such as homestay, transportation, bird‟s
education and conservation, food and beverages, services, handicraft, etc. The State
Government will come up with integrated management plan to sustainably manage this
Environmental Management
There are eight hornbill species in Sarawak which are totally protected under The
Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998. To provide better understanding on hornbill
conservation, the Government organized Hornbill Workshop in 2012 with the theme:
―Threats, Gaps and Future Directions‖ from 30th October to 1st November, 2012 in
Bintulu. Eight resolutions were adopted as follows with regard to protecting our hornbill
the symbol of our State.
(i) To establish The Hornbill Foundation Fund;
(ii) To strengthen research and development work on hornbills with a view to
establish a central database that can be readily accessed for enhanced
hornbill conservation in Sarawak;
(iii) To promote the conservation of hornbills through Communication,
Education and Public Awareness (CEPA);
(iv) To enhance capacity building in areas of research and husbandry,
protection, CEPA, interpretation and tourism;
(v) To develop and promote hornbill-based tourism particularly involving rural
communities in the Community-Based Ecotourism (CBET) sector;
(vi) (a) To identify and protect high conservation areas for hornbill outside of
Totally Protected Areas (TPAs);
(b) Working together at all level of societies to protect and enhance the
population of hornbills such as the Piasau Camp and wildlife corridors;
(vii) To develop the Strategic Management Plan for Hornbills in Sarawak; and
(viii) To bid for the opportunity to host the International Hornbill Conference in
2017 to be held in Kuching, Sarawak.
Tuan Speaker, with regard to hornbills and Orang Utans, these are very precious
asset, well known asset throughout the world related particularly to Borneo and hornbill
to Sarawak. In fact the hornbill is like an icon to the State and in fact, we are called Bumi
Kenyalang. Unfortunately, of course, hornbills and Orang Utans are not represented in
this Dewan but we as human beings must champion their cause even though in the
world for Orang Utan, they have representative. So, I think it upon myself and I am sure
other Members of this Dewan will agree that we must champion their cause and have
them properly protected.
The Government considers Piasau Camp, Miri as a potential area for
conservation of hornbill. Several efforts have been made to address the presence of
hornbill in Piasau Camp since 2004. This led to the comprehensive study by Sarawak
Forestry Corporation (SFC) in collaboration with UNIMAS and Malaysian Nature Society
(MNS), including the local community. This study shows that this area is a habitat for 41
species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 10 species of butterflies and five species of
amphibians. If we care to actually do research in our jungle, look and see go deeper and
deeper, we sometimes find more and more species that we never thought of before.
There are some rare species being caught because of our biodiversity and the intensity
of growth in tropical rain forest.
Among the birds sighted were Oriental Pied Hornbill, Wrinkled Hornbill, Brahminy
Kite, Buffy Fish Owl, White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Brown Wood Owl, Collared Scops Owl,
Sparrow-Hawk, Cattle Egret, Little Egret, Hill Myna, Intermediate Egret, White Collared
Kingfisher and swiftlets which are listed as high conservation etcetera etcetera. I suspect
there will be more species to be found in the future. A high conservation value species
under International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and protected or totally
protected under The Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998.
Further assessment will be carried out before a decision is made to gazette the
area as urban nature park. This addressed the concern raised by Ahli Yang Berhormat
for Piasau.
Apart from Piasau Camp, Gunung Santubong National Park has been identified
as an area for the conservation of hornbill. I personally can testify to the presence of
hornbill in the Santubong delta. I use to go fishing at that area and in the morning you
can hear the hornbill gak, gok, gak, gok, that is the sound they are making. When they
fly off, and they like to go to pokok Ara, to eat the fruit, the fruit of pokok Ara, and before
they land, they always turn their head left and right, to see if there is any danger to them.
So if you want to hear gak, gok, gak, gok, you can follow me fishing of the Santubong
delta … (Interruption) yes, yes.
Y.B. Encik Chong Chieng Jen: I‟m glad Honourable Minister mentioned about hornbill,
the classification of hornbill, conservation of hornbill. We also have another mascot now,
the ubah is also from hornbill, so we should love ubah also. My clarification can‟t be error
into another, are more cartoonist hornbill list, fight for the right of hornbill and fight for the
right of the ubah as well. In fact it‟s not bad, it‟s very cute as well.
Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas (Y.B. Tan Sri
Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem): We are talking about the real hornbill, not a
plastic one. We are talking about the alive hornbill, not a dead one. I‟m sure after the last
election that hornbill is dead. Yes, anything else.
Y.B. Encik Chong Chieng Jen: It just that I don‟t think that this ubah is dead. It is
actually highlight our State‟s bird, hornbill. Now, throughout the whole Malaysia this has
become a hot cake, everybody knows about it, so I think we should take pride in this
Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas (Y.B. Tan Sri
Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem): Yes, I hear you, I hear you. I think there is
not need to raise this matter anymore. Since we are alive, we got to go on like a hornbill.

These findings can be used to formulate the plan and develop eco-tourism at
Gunung Santubong National Park in future. We have submitted a proposal to Hornbill
Research Foundation, Thailand to bid for organizing the “7
th International Hornbill
Conference 2017” to be held in Kuching. Members of the Hornbill Research Foundation
will visit Kuching in June, 2013 to evaluate our capability to hold international
conference. Perhaps the DAP will follow soon for the international conference on the
death of hornbill.
Effective environmental management is crucial in our effort to balance economic
development with environmental protection. I am delighted to note that some of the
members of this august House have raised their concern on some pertinent issues
relating to environment.
For the information of Ahli-Ahli Yang Berhormat, we have gone a long way in
managing our environment and natural resources. Particularly, after the Rio Summit in
1992, the government had put in place the legal framework, regulations, standards,
guidelines and institutional capacity to manage the environment in a systematic and
professional manner. Our overall goal is towards sustainable development for
continuous economic growth and well being of our people.
The major thrust for the protection and enhancement of the environment in
Sarawak has been based on statutory legislations. Retrospectively, the State has
enacted its Natural Resources Ordinance, 1949, which was later amended and widen in
1993 and reconstituted as the Natural Resources and Environment (Cap. 84, Laws of
Sarawak) Ordinance, 1993 which is an extended and more comprehensive version of
the original Natural Resources Ordinance of 1949. The introduction of the various
environmental legislations and the establishment of its own State Environmental Agency
or the NREB on 1st February, 1994 has really enabled the Government to enforce more
effectively the requirements for environmental protection in the State.
Both NREB and Federal Department of Environment (DOE), together with other
relevant government agencies are continuously monitoring the ambient environmental
qualities in the State particularly, water and air.
Water Quality
With regard to protection of water resources, the State has taken positive steps,
including the setting up of the State Water Resources Council and gazettement of the
Water Catchment Areas under the Water Ordinance, 1994. In the case of development
adjacent to the catchment areas, more stringent measures will be imposed for the
project proponents to comply.
NREB has also carried out River Water Quality Monitoring Programme
(RWQMP) since 1999 to monitor and identify potential source of pollution to our major
rivers. Today, NREB is monitoring a total of 59 major rivers, three dams and three lakes
throughout the State. This is in line with our decision to maintain the water quality of our
rivers to at least Class IIB of the National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia
(NWQSM). The effort would ensure that clean rivers are protected and maintained in
their pristine conditions, while the polluted ones are rehabilitated.
Air Quality
We are committed to ensure that the air quality in the state remains healthy.
Apart from emission from industries and motor vehicles, the main source of atmospheric
pollution is from smoke due to open burning activities.

I would like to highlight here on the issue of open burning and haze, which has
become our perennial problem. We are quite fortunate this year, as to date, there was
no major occurrence of haze affecting the State. Not yet, anyway.
Nevertheless, we should not be complacent as weather is unpredictable due to
global warming. Although these problems have been quite often the result of
transboundary haze from our neighbouring country, we should not totally put the blame
on our neighbour, as without control, open burning locally may aggravate the situations.
As such, NREB, DOE, BOMBA and Meteorology Department will continuously enforce
and monitor hotspots, Air Pollutant Index (API) and open burning activities in the State.
With regards to the haze issue in Miri as raised by Ahli Yang Berhormat for Pujut,
besides the regular monitoring by NREB and DOE especially during dry weather, the
government has erected a watch tower at Permyjaya to monitor and detect any burning
area so that prompt actions can be taken. The government has also built 19 check dams
and seven tube wells at Pujut and Kuala Baram areas to suppress subterranean fire in
the peat swamp area.
Environmental Protection for Development Projects
All prescribed development activities are regulated and controlled through EIA
process. Under the Natural Resources and Environment (Prescribed Activities) Order,
1994, it is mandatory for project proponents to submit EIA report which must be
conducted by registered environmental Consultants and approved by the Board before
the commencement of projects. To ensure compliance to Terms and Conditions of the
EIA approval, the NREB will undertake post-EIA monitoring of the projects. The
developers are also required to submit quarterly Environmental Monitoring Report
(EMR), on the status of the development and compliance to the EIA approval conditions.
However, there are provisions under the Natural Resources and Environment
Ordinance, 1993, which allow project proponents to commence project before the final
approval of EIA report. Approval for early commencement is only given for preparatory
works, such as site preparation, site investigation, and establishment of nurseries.
Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and environmental guidelines must be
submitted before approvals for early commencement are given. As such, there is no
issue relating to projects listed under prescribed activities commencing without EIA. This
includes the Bario-Ba‟ Kelalan road project as raised by Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba‟
Industrial Pollution Control
Sarawak will continue to intensify its development effort, particularly, in the
development of SCORE. With regards to industrial pollution control, such as in Samalaju
Industrial Park, DOE Sarawak is regulating the industries in accordance with the
provisions of the Environmental Quality Act, 1974. Industrial emissions, effluents
discharge, hazardous and toxic waste disposal are strictly regulated and monitored to
ensure that the industries comply with international standards.
The success of the State in facing the ever-increasing need for environmental
protection vis-à-vis economic development depends on a host of factors, including
institutional capability and public participation. For this reason, all sectors of the society
have to work together to ensure that we complement each other‟s efforts. Both the
public and private sectors should work in tandem to address and meet the requirements
for sustainable development of our State.

So, with all these that I have said, we come to the conclusion that we are very
serious not only with regard to forest conservation, land use and so on, we are also very
serious about protecting our environment.
For the information of this Honourable House, I myself spoke about the
environment 30 years ago when I was still a backbencher. I talked about the need to
protect our environment, the need to protect our rivers. In fact, I use the word; “Why do
we choose to murder our rivers and archeological system?” That was 30 years ago, 30
over years ago and people thought that I was talking out of my head. So, now it is
important and that is why I said, this environment is one of my favourite subjects. Now,
that, I am in the position to do something about it, I will do something about it. Not
successfully 100%, but which requires cooperation from the public because some habits
that we practice, we use rivers as a dumping ground for all our wastes. Sometimes you
find the body of cars, batteries, tyres, you name it, you find it in some of our rivers and
these bad habits must seize and slowly we must educate people to be more
environmental conscious.
Now, we come to another familiar and favourite subject.
Pengukuran Perimeter NCR Inisiatif Baru
Saya ingin memaklumkan Dewan yang mulia ini, berhubung dengan Dasar
Pengukuran Perimeter NCR Inisiatif Baru. Inisiatif ini adalah usaha berterusan Kerajaan.
The survey of NCR boundaries has been done is being done now and will continue to be
(1) Untuk memenuhi permintaan rakyat agar tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera
mereka diukur;
(2) Sebagai bukti pengiktirafan Kerajaan terhadap hak atau adat bumiputera
yang dimiliki oleh masyarakat bumiputera Sarawak; dan
(3) Bagi memberi jaminan hak milik tanah (security of tenure) kepada
pemilik-pemilik Tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera.
The whole idea is to show that the Government recognizes NCR boundaries, by
surveying it, and then ensuring first, communal title and at the later stage, individual
titles are based under Section 18. Now, this is the process, first, because there will be
thousands and thousands of lots which would be surveyed, to expediate the matter, first,
you survey the boundary, and when that is done and declare to be a communal reserve
under Section 5 or 6 under the Land Code, the people concerned can decide among
themselves who owned what etc, etc within the communal reserve. The Land and
Survey cannot, without inquiry, know who owns what. Only the people themselves can
see this one belongs to Kassim or Abu, so let them divide among themselves, settle
among themselves, and the Land and Survey will come to confirm and put in the belian
pax later on. So the response to this, in spite of some negative publicity, instead of some
negative ideas propagated by some people, has been very very encouraging. To date
there about 500 applications. That means the people believe us. Otherwise, they will not
apply. If some people say, this is just a pretend, this is just for show, then why do they
apply? Because they believe that we will do it, especially when they see other areas
early, they apply early and have been given is gazetted for surveying plan. I give you the
figures on this.
Sehingga bulan April, 2013 Jabatan Tanah dan Ukur telah menerima 575
permohonan. Dari jumlah ini, sebanyak 377 permohonan yang melibatkan kawasan
seluas 616,091 hektar telah diluluskan untuk pengukuran manakala 198 permohonan
lagi sedang diproses.
Kerja pengukuran perimeter bagi 250 kawasan seluas 334,144 hektar telah
selesai dilaksanakan. Dari jumlah tersebut, sebanyak 134 kawasan dengan keluasan
167,945 hektar telah diwartakan sebagai Rizab Gunasama Bumiputera (Pertanian) di
bawah Seksyen 6 Kanun Tanah Negeri. Inisiatif ini telah memberi manfaat kepada
semua masyarakat bumiputera Sarawak. Dari jumlah tersebut, warta untuk 95 kawasan
telahpun diserahkan kepada ketua masyarakat dari komuniti berkenaan. Manakala 39
lagi akan diserahkan pada masa yang terdekat.
Sungguhpun demikian, usaha murni ini telah disalahertikan ekoran daripada
hasutan pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab yang mendakwa ianya bertujuan untuk
merampas tanah hak adat bumiputera milik rakyat. Selain daripada itu, Jabatan Tanah
dan Survei juga menghadapi keadaan di mana pengukuran diminta untuk dilaksanakan
di luar kawasan yang telah diluluskan iaitu kawasan yang tidak mempunyai hak adat
bumiputera yang sahih. Di samping itu, pertelingkahan sempadan juga berlaku di antara
pihak-pihak yang menuntut NCR.
Keadaan seperti yang saya jelaskan tadi telah merencatkan pencapaian
keseluruhan kerja pengukuran. Atas sebab itu, Kerajaan melalui Jabatan Tanah dan
Survei secara berterusan akan meningkatkan penerangan untuk menjelaskan faedah
inisiatif ini. Saya ingin menyeru semua Ahli Yang Berhormat untuk sama-sama
menggembeleng tenaga ke arah memantapkan penerangan tentang hasrat murni
Generally speaking, people have confidence that we will do what we set out to do
that divided so many applications, so many have been done and so many will be done. I
admit there are some defuse on the ground, people saying that why support only our
proven NCR prior to 1958? My answer has always been settle this one first, settle the
NCR one first and if you need the land we will consider your application. We are
prepared to be liberal in this matter but please don‟t claim land from sunrise to sunset,
don‟t claim land from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, don‟t claim land
on the whole river valley, the whole river system. Be reasonable and we are prepared to
help if you are reasonable, we are prepared to be quite liberal in issuing and giving the
land because we know that over the years, population has increased, the original NCR
land might not be enough. So that is the approach that we take.
Isu-Isu Spesifik
Tiga kawasan telah diluluskan dan dua daripadanya telah siap diukur dan
diwartakan sebagai Rizab Gunasama (Pertanian) Bumiputera menurut Seksyen 6
Kanun Tanah Negeri yang melibatkan keluasan 404 hektar. This is untuk Ngemah. Satu
(1) kawasan lagi perlu disemak semula memandangkan kawasan yang dilulus bertindih
dengan: “Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary”. You see this is a good example, they
claimed the National Park, if it is declared animal wildlife sanctuary any NCR within that
areas must has been settled already. Now I do not advocate that we cut up our national
park for our wildlife sanctuary, just to accommodate this people. So we cannot
accommodate greed, we cannot accomodate people who claim as I said earlier, they
owned land from sunrise to sunset. Be reasonable about the whole thing and we are
prepared to be liberal and be reasonable.
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Opar, Jabatan Tanah dan Survei
telah menerima lima permohonan dan kesemuanya telah pun siap diukur. Ini melibatkan
kawasan Kampung Sibuluh, Bau, Kampung Grogo & Sibuluh, Kampung Stenggang, Bau
(Area A & B) dan Kampung Temaga Dayak. Dua daripadanya telah diwartakan sebagai
Rizab Gunasama (Pertanian) Bumiputera menurut Seksyen 6 Kanun Tanah Negeri yang
melibatkan keluasan 3,265 hektar.
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Tamin, Jabatan Tanah dan Survei
telah menerima 11 permohonan pengukuran perimeter NCR inisiatif baru bagi kawasan
Dewan Undangan Negeri Tamin. Daripada jumlah tersebut, lima permohonan telah
diluluskan manakala enam lagi masih disemak di Jabatan Tanah dan Survei sebelum
dikemukakan untuk kelulusan.
Daripada lima permohonan yang diluluskan, tiga daripadanya telah siap diukur di
mana dua kawasan yang berkeluasan 1,592 hektar telah diwartakan sebagai Rizab
Gunasama (Pertanian) Bumiputera menurut Seksyen 6 Kanun Tanah Negeri.
Pengukuran bagi dua lagi kawasan akan dilaksanakan dalam masa terdekat.
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Meradong, Kerajaan tidak pernah
mengambil balik mana-mana tanah berhakmilik mahupun tanah Hak Adat Bumiputera
yang sahih tanpa membayar pampasan yang sewajarnya. Maka isu untuk
mengembalikan tanah NCR yang kononnya dirampas kerajaan tidak timbul sama sekali.
I would advise the Ahli Yang Berhormat from Meradong not to be carried away
by his imagination. There has been, no case where compensation is paid to registered
proprietors of title land or NCR land, where they have not been paid. Please prove first,
dont just listen to what people say; ”This is my land, this is my land”. I know you have a
political purpose to champion all the cause. But give us the proof, where is it? And if it is
proven to be NCR we will pay compensation. Time and time again we have said this.
That is why I insist that this time that whenever we pay compensation it must be
publisized, so that people know they are being compensated. The trouble is, this is
where the public perception can be misleading. You pay compensation to 100 people,
95 you have already paid, five you have not, these five are the ones that makes all the
noise. So that you think that the governtment never pay any compensation and the 95
just keep quiet. Nobody will be mad enough to go up and down the street and say I have
been compensated, I have been compensated. So we must look at this thing in a proper
perspective. Kerajaan sebenarnya amat prihatin dengan keperluan pemilik tanah NCR di
mana seawal tahun 1960‟an lagi, kerajaan telah melaksanakan program pengukuran
dan pengeluaran surat hak milik kepada pemilik tanah NCR yang sahih melalui program
operasi penyelesaian.
Setakat ini, sejumlah 208,217 surat hak milik tanah telah dikeluarkan di bawah
Seksyen 18 Kanun Tanah Negeri. Section 18 says that if NCR is establish proven, then,
the title must be given for free and title inperpetuity. That is Section 18 and over the
years we have issued 208,217 and we will issue more. This is a continuing process.
I am irked and I have reason to be irked, to be angry by the opposition‟s frequent
use of expressions such as illegitimate land grab which is intended to make the rakyat
angry with the government when all this while the Government has been practising fair
and transparent land policy. Documents in the land office are public documents. You can
do search by your title, do your search, it is open to the public. You can go there and pay
one or two ringgit such fee and you can get the information that you want. There is
nothing secretive about it. It is about time that members of the opposition stop inciting
the rakyat and learn to appreciate the good deeds by the Government and this will make
them responsible representatives of the rakyat.
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Krian, Kerajaan sentiasa prihatin
dengan keperluan pengesahan tuntutan hakmilik Adat Bumiputera yang sahih
bersesuaian dengan peruntukan Kanun Tanah Negeri. Ini telah dibuktikan dengan
pelaksanaan pengukuran perimeter NCR inisiatif baru sekaligus pewartaan di bawah
Seksyen 6 Kanun Tanah Negeri. Dengan pewartaan tersebut, ia memberi maksud
bahawa Kerajaan mengiktiraf wujudnya Hak Adat Bumiputera yang sahih di dalam
kawasan berkenaan.
Keselamatan Sempadan di Ba‘ Kelalan
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Kedup dan Ba‟Kelalan antara
langkah-langkah yang telah diambil bagi menjamin keselamatan di semua pintu masuk
sempadan di negeri Sarawak adalah:
(i) memperketatkan kawalan keselamatan dan rondaan di semua pintu
masuk di sempadan oleh anggota PDRM dan ATM;
(ii) memperbanyakkan tindakan pengumpulan maklumat risikan;
(iii) menambah kekuatan keanggotaan kedua-dua agensi dalam menentukan
keselamatan di sempadan;
(iv) mempertingkatkan pertukaran maklumat risikan keselamatan di antara
PDRM, Polis Brunei, Kalimantan Timur dan Kalimantan Barat; dan
(v) mengkaji semula strategi penugasan anggota keselamatan di kawasan
What happened in Sabah did not go unnoticed here. We do not want to be
branded to have a porous border. When these people enter Sarawak, they must enter
through the proper legitimate channels. We do not want to repeat what has happened in
Sabah. What has happened in Sabah did not go unnoticed here. So we are extra careful
about this matter of security, matters of trans-border, movement and so on.
Ragut dan Kecurian Kenderaan
Berhubung dengan kes ragut dan kecurian kenderaan seperti yang dibangkitkan
oleh Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Repok dan Kidurong, Polis Di Raja Malaysia Sarawak
sentiasa mengambil berat atas jenayah ini dan mengambil langkah-langkah seperti
memperbanyakkan rondaan MPV serta mempertingkatkan “police omni-presence‖ dan
pengintipan. Selain daripada itu, PDRM Sarawak akan terus melipatgandakan aktiviti
risikan jenayah dan rondaan bersama dengan agensi lain sejajar dengan Strategi
Lautan Biru atau “Blue Ocean Strategy”.
Selain daripada itu, PDRM Sarawak juga sedang memperhebatkan kempen
pencegahan jenayah dan „anti-crime patrol‘ di kawasan yang kerap berlakunya jenayah
Police One Stop Centre
Berhubung dengan isu Polis „One Stop Centre‟ yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Yang
Berhormat bagi Pending, pihak PDRM Sarawak telah mengambil maklum dan akan
mengambil tindakan sewajarnya untuk memperbetulkan keadaan. Ini termasuklah
menyediakan kelengkapan yang sesuai untuk keselesaan orang yang berurusan
dengan polis.
Pondok Polis Di Pekan Lapok, Tinjar
Berhubung dengan permohonan penubuhan pondok polis di Pekan Lapok, Tinjar
seperti mana yang dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Telang Usan, setakat ini
belum ada perancangan untuk membina pondok polis di pekan ini. Walau
bagaimanapun, jika keadaan memerlukan perkhidmatan polis, strategi yang diguna
pakai ialah menghantar anggota dari Long Lama atau Beluru untuk ditugaskan di
kawasan ini.
Pos Kawalan Imigresen
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat bagi Ba‟Kelalan juga, Pos Kawalan
Sempadan, Bario telah diluluskan untuk dinaiktaraf kepada Pejabat Mikro Kementerian
Dalam Negeri (KDN) di tapak baharu seluas 1.2141 hektar. Kerja pembinaan telah
bermula pada 1 Ogos 2012 dengan kos sebanyak RM18.4 juta. Projek ini akan
mengambil masa 30 bulan dan dijangka siap pada bulan Januari 2015. Projek ini akan
menempatkan staf daripada Jabatan Imigresen serta staf jabatan lain di dalam KDN
berserta Jabatan Kastam dan juga Pos Malaysia.
Bagi Pos Kawalan Sempadan Ba‟Kelalan pula, Jabatan Imigresen telah selesai
membuat perolehan tapak keluasan 3.16 ekar di Punang Kelalan. Projek-projek ini akan
dicadangkan semula untuk pelaksanaan dalam Rolling Plan Ke-4 dalam Rancangan
Malaysia Ke-10. Pada masa sekarang, seramai tiga anggota Jabatan Imigresen telah
beroperasi mulai 3 Januari tahun 2012 dengan menggunakan kemudahan penginapan
dan ”army check point‖.
Judi Siber atau ―Cyber Gambling‖
On matter of cyber gambling, judi siber, beberapa Ahli Yang Berhormat telah
membangkitkan isu judi siber ataupun “cyber gambling‖. Untuk makluman Dewan yang
mulia ini, bagi tahun 2012, PDRM Sarawak telah membuat 370 serbuan ke atas pusat
cyber di seluruh negeri Sarawak. Seramai 674 pengusaha pusat-pusat cyber telah
ditangkap dan 2,435 unit komputer telah dirampas termasuk wang tunai berjumlah
RM79,715.90. Manakala sehingga April tahun ini, sebanyak 155 serbuan telah dilakukan
dan seramai 273 orang pengusaha pusat cyber serta pelanggan telah ditangkap. PDRM
juga telah berjaya merampas sebanyak 1,153 unit komputer termasuk wang tunai
berjumlah RM28,500.00
Dalam usaha PDRM Sarawak menangani isu ini, tindakan-tindakan seperti
berikut telah dijalankan:-
(i) Mendakwa pengusaha/penjaga premis dan juga pemain di dalam premis
mesin perjudian online di bawah Akta Rumah Judi Terbuka (ARJT). Yes,
you want to gamble is it? No, no. I mean that out of manner...
Y.B. Encik David Wong Kee Woan: Just a few points here. Cyber gambling is so
serious in Sarawak. In Sibu you can see it anywhere, Kuching as well Bintulu as Miri as
well. I don‟t think the police are serious about fighting this crime. I don‟t think police is
doing enough and that I have been talking since last year and I am serious about it. I
think all the people even Barisan Nasional or backbenchers they do agree with me also.
This is so serious, I think this is out of control already.
Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas (Y.B. Tan Sri
Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem): Yes, the point is well taken. But as long as
people want to gamble, you can never stop it completely but nobody can accuse us from
not trying to minimise gambling in the state. Let the Opposition and Government work
together on this. Let these be on matter of dispute among our people because that is
negative and will not lead to any results. I am sure the opposition will give us co-operation in our effort to minimise gambling in the state. Are you going to give us
cooperation? Sorry?
Y.B. Encik David Wong Kee Woan: Yes, we are very willing to do that.
Menteri di Pejabat Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Tugas-Tugas Khas (Y.B. Tan Sri
Datuk Amar Haji Adenan bin Haji Satem): Thank you very much.
(ii) Bekerjasama dengan Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) dengan
menjalankan serbuan bersama bagi membanteras aktiviti ini.
(iii) Bekerjasama dengan badan lain seperti SESCo dan Lembaga Air bagi
membuat serbuan dan menutup terus premis tersebut dengan tindakan
pemotongan bekalan elektrik dan juga pemotongan bekalan air.
(iv) Kempen secara besar-besaran dengan penyebaran melalui media massa
dan elektronik berkenaan kesan buruk aktiviti ini.
(v) Mendakwa Pengusaha/Pemilik di bawah Ordinan Hiburan iaitu beroperasi
tanpa lesen; dan
(vi) Pemantauan yang berterusan ke atas premis-premis mesin perjudian.
In conclusion, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih dan tahniah kepada Tuan
Speaker kerana telah mengendali persidangan kali ini dengan begitu baik dan lancar.
Begitu juga kepada Setiausaha Dewan, para pegawai dan semua kakitangan yang
terlibat dalam menjayakan persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri kali ini.
Saya juga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Gawai kepada Ahli-ahli Yang
Berhormat yang berkenaan dan seluruh rakyat yang berketurunan Dayak di Bumi
Kenyalang ini. Sekian, terima kasih.

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