Monday, May 13, 2013

PKR NGOs Memorandum to EC has no evidence, just allegations and seditious statements

Memorandum for EC based on allegations, seditious statements — Deputy chief

Posted on May 12, 2013, Sunday

PUTRAJAYA: The memorandum received by the Election Commission (EC) from several youth and students associations yesterday was made based on allegations and seditious statements, including from opposition leaders and social networking websites.
EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar said the memorandum was clearly made without proper research and by those who did not understand the law.
“This is what happened when they poisoned the minds of our children, our students in universities and colleges with lies,” he told reporters at the EC headquarters here yesterday.
Wan Ahmad said the memorandum contained, among others, an allegation about non-citizen voters, even though explanation had been given on voters’ registration process which had made it impossible for non-citizens to vote in this country.
On manipulation and allegations about phantom voters, Wan Ahmad said those who made the allegations should take the evidence to court.
Wan Ahmad said it was normal for young people to have a rebellious attitude, but the opposition leaders had been very irresponsible when they took advantage of the situation.
“I was made to understand that 80 per cent of the participants of the Wednesday’s rally at Kelana Jaya Stadium aged below 40, with some of them below 21 and know nothing except to have some fun at the stadium, while the opposition leader took advantage to express his anger, disappointment and bitterness for not being able to be prime minister,” he said.
Wan Ahmad also stressed that what the EC did was in accordance with the federal constitution and most political party leaders in the country were aware of the laws.
“The young people may not read books about laws, but political leaders do. If the authorities didn’t do anything to set this straight, it will be very unfortunate for Malaysia.
“This is because despite the country being successful in many areas, including economy, social and politics, as well as in practising democracy, the losing parties are provoking the people not to adhere to the law and this will lead to destruction,” he added. — Bernama

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