Thursday, January 3, 2013

BN boleh membangun negara ke tahap maju - YB Datu Seri Ali Mahmud

Ali: Barisan Nasional can lift country to developed status

Posted on December 24, 2012, Monday
PRODUCTS DISPLAY : Ali (third left) with Community Development Department representative Abduraya Ghafur (left) and Samarahan District officer Ainnie Wahab (second right) during the launch of the expo.
KOTA SAMARAHAN: The country can achieve developed nation status by 2020 through the planning and implementation of development programmes by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.
Saying this Muara Tuang assemblyman Dato Sri Muhammad Ali Mahmud added that these programmes were ongoing or in the midst of planning.
“I strongly believe that by supporting BN, the country would reach a developed nation status by 2020,” said Ali during the launch of Marketing Expo Tour Programme (JEP) organised by RTM at Dataran Desa Ilmu Saturday night.
“Let us not forget the contribution and devotion that is given by the BN government all these years to the people regardless of their race and religion,” he said.
The expo could become a platform for local entrepreneurs to promote their products and expand their business network, he pointed out.
He handed over a RM15,000 grant to the event organising committee.
Also present were Samarahan District officer Ainnie Wahab and Community Development Department representative Abduraya Ghafur.

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