Monday, February 27, 2012

Who were beneficiaries of Dasar Ekonomi Baru?


  1. Only in the rush of creating NEP creating millionaires and billionaires through a "corrupted" system has also devalued our RM to what it were during his time. Amendments of the Anti corruption laws has also allowed those who were in the corridors of power to take as much as they needed to escape corruption by just declaring interest.

    NEP also failed to accumulate enough Foreign Reserves to shore the value of our RM to keep the same level as the Singapore dollar.

    Thus while acknowledging the successes Tun mentioned it would be better if there are less Billionaires and millionaires especially those who have no capacities to be one except for getting "handouts from the respective masters".

  2. Malaysia know very well that failure of DEB causes of corrupted, cronysm, and all negative elements of the current UMNO/BN government. They are the one rob the RM from the unethical practices, kickback etc. Within ASEAN region we are far behind other country even Vietnam and Philippines is far ahead. DEB2 should be introduced with new and most practical approach and no more cronysm, kickback, corruption but more on merit among malay business community.

  3. Para pengundi melayu wajar juga mengingatkan parti 2 yang bertanding dalam PRU13 atau PRU yang akan datang supaya mempunyai dan memperjuangkan 1 dasar ekonomi khusus untuk melayu sebagai balasan kepada setiap kemenangan mereka dalam PRU. Kalau Yahudi yg kecil jumlahnya di USA boleh menentukan kemenangan kepada kepada pemimpin politik yang akan membalas budi para Yahudi, kenapa cara dan pendekatan yang sama tidak digunakan oleh pengundi melayu bagi menuntut haknya yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan.