Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hew Kuan Yau - DAP self-claim SUPERMAN

DAP’s Election Publicity Chief

He calls himself a Superman by wearing his trademark Superman T-shirt. He has created a name for himself for his brash, assertive and foul-mouthed remarks at ceramahs which the DAP supporters lapped up.
He is their hero although he curses his political opponents, cursing their entire generations to be perished.
During the Sarawak election, the DAP Election Publicity Chief called SUPP politicians “orang utan” but this crude politician think it’s funny.
Now, Hew Kuan Yau calls journalists from the Chinese press “prostitutes” especially those from the small towns. Worse, party disciplinary chairman Tan Kok Wai also joined in to support this statement.
It seems Hew is upset that these small town reporters attend luncheons from both DAP and MCA! That’s their only crime!
He refuses to apologise out right except to say that he apologised for the controversy caused. What kind an apology is this? You are nothing but a political prostitute. It’s politicians like you who make Malaysians sick of politics. You talk about democracy but you cannot even conduct yourself in a decent manner.
What kind of message are you passing to the DAP members or worse, would you want your children to grow up to be as offensive like you. You are truly a dick head of the highest degree.
You are unbelievable. Superman wears his underwear outside but somebody should give some underwear to cover his big and dirty mouth.
He claims he has a Phd from Taiwan and we hope it is recognised. He also claimed that he used to be a public relations person. Yes, unbelievable.
Sorry, you are not a super hero. You are a super RUDE and super MALICIOUS!

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