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NFL sponsorship solely tony fernandes decision

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It’s all up to the boss

Where to put the money is solely decision of enterprise owner
Friday, June 26th, 2009 11:39:00
AirAsia taken to task over NFL deal (June 25) “In all fairness, it is entirely up to the proprietor as to where he wishes to place his money. The report asks why AirAsia is forking out dough for a sport that hardly has a following here in Malaysia.
Why didn’t somebody ask why AirAsia put their sponsorship for the English Premeir League? Isn’t it the same, since that sport also “hardly” has a decent following here in Malaysia? I think we are ranked like 280 or something in world football.
If AirAsia wants to sponsor Azerbaijan’s chess team or Turkey’s belly dancing team, I think that is solely, entirely up to their big boss.” — Steppenwolf “
It is funny to see this contribution by AirAsia to NFL. First, NFL is not a No. 1 sport in Malaysia, or even in Asia. Second, Raiders contribution – maybe AirAsia got a cheaper deal since this team is considered one of the worst in NFL.
Finally, I don’t see the benefit for the short- or long-term to AirAsia, unless it wants the rights to land in USA, especially Oakland airport. But, it is not acceptable by Malaysia. AirAsia holding payment to MAHB worth millions is like a threat to the airport authority! It will allow other airlines to follow AirAsia by holding up payments!”

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