Friday, December 16, 2011

Airasia low cost to passengers is a lie, airasia has many unsavoury practices and makes millions from MAHB airport tax

Everyone wants to support Tony but...

your say

Reborn:Malaysia, being so much bigger than Singapore, has thousands of domestic flights and millions of travellers. Singapore, on the other hand, needs only one international airport.

AirAsia will grow and as such, Tony's initial plan of building his own terminal is so that he can have the cake and eat it too.

Kannan Msakti: What goes around, comes around. This is the case for AirAsia. There are many new fees imposed by AirAsia on its passengers unlike two years ago. AirAsia keeps making money but it is no more a cheap airline.

They are charging for:

1. Standard baggage less than 15kg

2. Seats

3. Credit card payment processing fee RM16 per passenger

4. Compulsory insurance

5. Manual check-in

6. Helpline call - RM1.95 per minute

7. They don't allow cancellation of excess baggage booked, but allow excess baggage add in.

8. Service fees up to RM200 for change of schedule

Where is the money going, Tony? Where is your social obligation?

Kgen: AirAsia is not the white knight fighting for passengers it paints itself to be.

There are many unsavoury practices that AirAsia practices like combining unprofitable flights without regards to destroying passengers' schedules and inconveniencing passengers deeply. AirAsia can only get away with this because of weak consumer laws.

The joke is that AirAsia can sometimes be more expensive than regular airlines with all their extra charges unless you book very far ahead and pay upfront, or catch one of their gimmicky promotions.

Passengers should not assume that AirAsia is the cheapest without comparing prices. For KL-Melbourne-KL, Air Emirates can give you a very good deal without the hassle of a budget airline and having to pay one year ahead.

Tired: I have one question for Airasia, which feels victimised by the airport tax increase.

Passengers pay for airport tax upfront when bookings are made but they normally do not travel immediately, sometimes for months. In the meantime, the money is held by Airasia as the tax is only payable to MAHB 45 days after passengers have used the airport.

So, Airasia earns a handsome interest from the airport tax. We are not talking about a few ringgit here but millions as the number of passengers is huge.

Shouldn't the interest money earn by Airasia be passed back to travellers? What say you, Airasia?

Armageddon: AirAsia has been boasting that they are the expert in running an airline and making tonnes of money and that is why they can afford to charge RM10 for some flights. Be a good citizen and give some of the money back to MAHB.

Kenneth_3486: Try calling AirAsia customer help line at RM1.95 per minute and you will begin to understand how frustrated we feel. Now AirAsia is feeling the same way.


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