Friday, December 23, 2011

Tak Payahlah MAHB atau Khazanah, keputusan Kabinet Malaysia pun dilawan Tony Fernandes

I thought Tony Fernandes is an educated man, having been schooled in England and I believe he is an accountant and so is a blinking professional. Now this man has been showing some strange behaviour not becoming of a person having such a respectable position and he does it with glaring audacity. This man who has been helped by the government to bring Air Asia to where it is today is now still fighting with Malaysia Airports authority, here.

His car is used to put up resistance banner at LCCT -photo credit: The Star
In fact he has been confrontational with Malaysia Airports authority (MAHB) from the time when he failed to get the green light to build his own airport in Sepang somewhere…. imagine guys, the man had wanted to build his own airport, such is his ambition! He has been fighting with MAHB ever since, accusing them of being unreasonable, uncooperative and monopolizing .
I believe he is yet to transfer his air Asia operations to the new airport terminal in Kota Kinabalu . The airline was supposed to do so six months ago. In fact I heard from some people from Sabah in East Malaysia, that he swore he would have to be dragged there rather than moving voluntarily. Gosh! And nobody has reminded him that he is acting like a spoilt child. Come on Fernandes, grow up!
Now his latest action is showing a bad example to his staff who do his bidding for him, right from the managers to those in the lowest rung! The arrogance of this man is too much. And no politicians dare to say anything to him. Why? Is it because he has given some favours to them? What kind of person is this who can carry on in public in this manner? After all the decision to raise the airport tax is made by the government and not by the board of directors of MAHB.
The decision asking his airlines operation to move to the new terminal in Kota Kinabalu is made by the Federal Cabinet.
Why the non-compliance? I have long lost respect for this man. I used to admire him and his entrepreneurial spirit once but not anymore. He is no longer the gentleman that everyone thinks, it is all about business aggressiveness and money (and greed) to him.

Low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) for Air Asia , you get what you pay.
“Say no to airport tax hike!” Looks like he wants to appear a hero. He introduced charges like a fee for counter check-in ( for those unable to self-check in)and yet nobody voices anything. Are people so scared of him? Is he such a powerful person? Is he threatening to cease Air Asia operations if he were chided by the authorities? Heck! Even the Transports Minister appears timidly silent… ah yes, the MCA man is also fighting for his political life in the coming general election so he cannot really talk very much. The confrontation has made the authorities in Malaysia the laughing stock of the public.
To get him to share swap with MAS was the dumbest thing that could have happened and whoever thought of that is a real dead shit (forgive my lingo guys). Tony Fernandes bailing out Malaysia Airlines (MAS), a government-linked company (GLC)? Give us a break!.
I am sure we are tired of this man’s antics. Being fabulously wealthy, he forgets about the needs of others. The cost of living has increased and so is public sector salary. MAHB also has to pay its third party contractors to maintain cleanliness,utilities and security. After all this is the first rise in nine years!
I am a frequent air traveler domestically and internationally and I don’t mind paying for this increase as I think it is justified. On the whole Malaysia Airports Holdings has increased the standard of their services. They have undertaken a series of renovation and upgrading works of almost all airports and yes, they are listed on Bursa (stock exchange) and they have to think of their stakeholders just like Air Asia!
I truly feel Tony Fernandes is actually still sulking and sore about his failed attempt to build and operate his own airport, rather than championing the passengers. Collection of the airport tax would involve administrative cost and would make air travel appear that wee bit more expensive. His asking the passengers to join this campaign is in bad taste and glaringly deceptive.
Looks like the present government is helpless to control Fernandes. Perhaps they are waiting for the results of the 13th General Election before they shut his mouth!
I have so many things to say about this irrepressible fellow but living in a politically correct world, I have to be mindful of being misconstrued.


  1. Airlinee company is but a tenant in KLIA, no more no less like McDonalds which operates there too as a tenant. Any tenant is subject to MAHB,which is the Management Company that manages KLIA. I think, this is a case where the tenant acted as if it is the Management rather than the tenant. Can a tenant refuse and say, we are not goin to use the aerobridge, or pay airport ta?, The rate was the decision not of MAHB but the govt. MAHB manages but policy issue is for govt itself to decide not MAHB or even for tenant. To have its own airport?????Soon, some one will also say,i want to have my own Central Bank.

    Further, in management of any company, CEO implements and seek directions from Board of Directors of the airline company. To have its own airport, was that the stand of the Board of Directors of the airline company? Not to pay the new airport tax rate the decision of the Board of Directors of the airline company?

  2. i thought he 'helped' the govt to bring airasia to where it is now?

    when he bought airasia over, airasia was with RM40mil worth of debt!

    dont tell me about things like without govt support he cant help airasia, if the govt is so capable of running airasia, it wont end up with RM40mil debt. one thing for sure, without Tony Fernandes, there is no airasia.

    Excerpt from the wikipedia:
    It was originally founded by a government-owned conglomerate DRB-Hicom. On 2 December 2001, the heavily-indebted airline was purchased by former Time Warner executive Tony Fernandes's company Tune Air Sdn Bhd for the token sum of one ringgit (about $USD0.26 at the time) with USD$11 million (RM40 million) worth of debts. Fernandes proceeded to engineer a remarkable turnaround, turning a profit in 2002 and launching new routes from its hub in Kuala Lumpur International Airport at breakneck speed, undercutting former monopoly operator Malaysia Airlines with promotional fares as low as RM1 (US$0.27).

  3. Can one buy an airline company for RM 1 plus RM 40 million? One plane alone costs more than that!