Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tony fernandes 'selamatkan' MAS kerana MAS tiada duit, tetapi MAS boleh sponsor QPR?

Rashdan proudly attended the QPR jersey sponsorship press conference

By Yang Berhormat Wee Chee Keong, Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bintang
Yesterday En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof aka Danny (Rashdan), the newly appointed Executive Director of MAS after the the MAS-AirAsis share swap deal that was shrouded with secrecy, flew to London to sign million Pounds jersey sponsorship agreement with Queens Park Rangers (QPR) from yesterday for 2 years. This didn’t come as a surprise. Well, 6 days after signing the said secret share swap, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes was reported to have bought 51% of QPR. On the same day, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Tony) of AirAsia Bhd and Mr Briatore, the former QPR’s chairman, watched QPR being trounced at home by Bolton Wanderer with a score line of 4-0 at home. Perhaps this was a clear warning to the YAB Datuk Seri Najib’s Government:  “Beware of good samaritan like Tony!”
On one hand we were told by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof that MAS was in deep financial trouble during the signing ceremony of the said secret share swap deal.  The circumstances under which the said secret share swap was sealed gave us the impression that without the secret share swap MAS would have collapsed the following day.
Now it would appear that MAS has been instantly revitalised with additional fund so much so that it was able to enter into million Pounds QPR jersey sponsorship. It was as though that MAS suddenly has plenty of cash to spare.  Rashdan has done brilliant works for Tony/AirAsia after the said secret share swap. First, Rashdan and his fellow directors, Tan Sri Md Nor, YB Tan Sri Nor Yacop, Datuk Azman Yahya, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, Datuk Rohana and others cancelled the full load Firefly flights during Hari Raya seasons and on 25-8-2011 MAS sent out notices to all its agents informing them that Firefly will terminate its profitable routes from JB to Kuching and KK as from 15-9-201.
Rashdan, why are you not interested in making MAS stronger financially by looking into the million of US Dollars outstanding debts involving Alwafeer Air for years, and to re-exmaine the one sided agreement that MAS has signed with LSG SKy Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd formerly known as MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and previously owned by MAS.
Thanks to Tan Sri Md Nor Md Yusof, the then MAS Managing Director and now the newly appointed Chairman of MAS after the said secret share swap deal, for the disposal of 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd and , thereafter committed MAS to the one sided agreement for a period of 25 years that MAS must exclusively purchase food, beverage and cabin related services from LSG Sky Chef Brahim Sdn Bhd previously known as MAS Catering Sdn Bhd.
I am extremely concern with the speed in which the said secret share swap has been moving. If questionable deal is not stopped by the Government quickly, we will eventually witness the demised of MAS or MAS will be reduced to be a low cost airline with AirAsia X Sdn Bhd as the premium airline. It is high time that MAS employees must join hands to quickly protest against this secret share swap otherwise the future of MAS will not be hard to determine. MASEU should not wait until November to protest. MASEU must protest against the secret share swap when Parliament sits on 3rd October. Perhaps 7th October will be a good date, it is the Budget Day!
I have tabled at five Parliamentary Questions on the said secret share swap as well as the disposal of the 70% of MAS Catering Sdn Bhd. The full list of the Questions will be posted here in due course.

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