Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warga Padungan : Chong Chieng Jen tidak peduli jenayah berdarah kawasan di wakilinya

DAP Financier Lau Wee Kiong

Prioritise security in Padungan, its rep told

  Boreneo Post March 25, 2012, Sunday

RECOVERING: Nasrihizam (right) visiting Azlan in hospital yesterday.
KUCHING: Elected representatives of Padungan and Bandar Kuching should make sure their areas, especially Padungan, are safe for both locals and tourists.
PBB Padungan information chief Nasrihizam Morshidi said the attack on self-styled social activist Azlan Abdullah on March 14 happened in their area.
“It’s not a matter of whether their issue with Azlan is personal or non-personal,” he said, pointing out that an assault along a well frequented area such as Padungan was a problem that needed to be acted on by the assemblyman or MP.
Nasri urged the police to beef up their presence in Kuching, especially in Padungan, a prime area in the golden triangle.
“It should be a safe area for people yet this happened in broad daylight,” he said, adding that he would see what he could do in his capacity as PBB information chief.
Nasri said this when visiting Azlan at Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) yesterday.
He also called upon Chinese-Muslim bodies or associations to come out in support of a brother in need.
“I ask that they come forward to help our brother, not necessarily just with money but to voice out the problem we have here in this city,” he said.
Azlan, 52, said nobody intervened when he was attacked by masked men with sharp weapons. He was lying on
the sidewalk bleeding for about 25 minutes before a doctor from a nearby clinic rushed over to help.
“I screamed for help, but nobody helped,” said Azlan.
“There is something wrong with society if nobody wanted to help.”
Borneo Post End
Selama beberapa bulan Azlan Abdullah telah mendakwa secara terbuka bahawa jenayah pengedaran dadah, pelacuran dan judi haram dimonopoli oleh dua orang di Kuching iaitu Micheal Teo dan Datuk Seri Lau Wee Kiong.  Azlan Abdullah juga telah mendakwa secara terbuka bahawa Chong Chieng Jen dan Wong Ho Leng mengambil wang dari kegiatan-kegiatan jenayah Micheal Teo dan Datuk Seri Lau Wee Kiong.  Namun begitu pemimpin-pemimpin DAP tidak mahu mendakwa Azlan Abdullah di mahkamah kerana terbukti DAP memang menggalakkan kegiatan-kegiatan jenayah sebagai strategi DAP untuk menghancurkan Polis.
Azlan Abdullah diserang di waktu siang dan di cincang dengan pedang samurai di kawasan DUN Padungan dan kawasan parlimen Bandar Kuching.  Kedua-dua kawasan ini adalah di wakili oleh pemimpin DAP Chong Chieng Jen.  Kenapa pemimpin DAP 'Yang Berhormat' Chong Chieng Jen berdiam diri dan membiarkan warga kawasannya diserang sampai hampir mati?


  1. Bandar Kuching CitizenMarch 27, 2012 at 5:20 PM

    Ah Se publicly says that Chong Chieng Jen < Wong Ho Leng and DAP Sarawak take prostitution, illegal gambling and drug money from Micheal Teo and Datuk Seri Lau Wee Kiong. Is that the reason why Chong Chieng Jen refuse to demand justice for Ah Se? Instead Chong Chieng Jen makes publicity about drains and playgrounds. Chong Chieng Jen simply dont care about Kuchingites lives.

  2. Mujur Chong tak bawa mahkamah! Kalau tidak mana nak cari wang bayar saman?

  3. Mula2 kecam YB tu secara terbuka, lepas tu nak minta tolong YB tu lagi. Tidakkah bahalol kerja orang macam tu. Paloi punya orang!!