Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kenapa pembantah DAP di serang ganas sampai hampir mati?

Azlan Abdullah selama ini sungguh lantang mendakwa DAP menerima duit dari gangster-gangster Ah Long, Bookie, pelacuran dan sindiket kuasai persatuan sekolah-sekolah Cina.  Namun pemimpin-pemimpin DAP tidak pernah menyaman Azlan Abdullah kerana memang benar DAP menerima dan menggunakan duit dari gangster-gangster ganas.  Adakah kerana pemimpin-pemimpin DAP tidak dapat mendiamkan Azlan Abdullah secara undang-undang maka pemimpin-pemimpin DAP bersekongkol dengan kepala gangster Datuk Seri Lau Wee Kiong untuk menyerang/memparahkan Azlan Abdullah sampai hampir mati?

 Borneo Post
KUCHING: Self-styled social activist Azlan Abdullah was hospitalised yesterday after he was slashed in broad daylight in what appeared to be a pre-meditated attack.
The 52-year-old Azlan – who claims to be fighting against social injustice and criminal wrongdoings – was sitting alone outside a coffee shop in Padungan when the incident occurred around 11.30am.
It was believed that he had just taken his seat at a table along the five-foot-way in front of the shop when he turned and saw several masked men armed with sharp weapons rushing towards him.
He immediately got up and ran into a next-door shop, but ended up being slashed on his head, both arms and leg by the attackers, who then fled in a car which was later established by police as having been fitted with false license plates.
Immediately following the attack, which lasted barely minute, members of the public called the police and ambulance to send the badly-wounded Azlan to the hospital.

District police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad confirmed the attack on the self-styled activist, but added that police had so far not identified any suspects.
“We believe the attack could be linked to his activities, but identifying who is behind the incident is difficult as the victim has upset many people,” said Roslan when contacted yesterday, adding that Azlan was conscious and in stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit of Sarawak General Hospital.
“So far, no witnesses have stepped forward regarding the incident. We appeal to anyone who may have seen something, or who may have information regarding the attack, to get in touch with the police to assist investigation.”
Nevertheless, he added that the police have classified the case under Section 326 of the Penal Code for causing grievous hurt, and would probe the incident from all angles.
Azlan’s previous ‘activities’ included a ‘one-man protest’ along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and at other parts of the city against certain business and political personalities.
He is also believed to be behind the distribution of flyers and pamphlets alleging wrongdoings committed by local political, business and community leaders, which have led to police reports being lodged against him by those whose names and photos were included in the flyers.
Azlan himself has previously lodged police reports claiming to have been threatened and assaulted by unknown individuals.


  1. semoga saudara Azlan selamat dan cepat sembuh..amin

  2. Oh ni mesti kena serang dengan gangster ni.Homo cun tak kisah la sebab homo cun cuma suka bontot sayangku.

  3. Bahasa melambangkan bangsa!